Generally case-sensitive webservers always want a lowercase extension. Mine, for example, is one of these.
Well, that is the thing, it depends on the mood of winzip, because sometimes when I upload, it is all in caps, and other times it is all small... It is quite agrivating...
What I try to do is rename with my FTP client before I send it across.
I just need to make sure I rename it correctly using cpanel... No need for FTP Smile
Do you not use FTP then? Surprised
No, Cpanel has an upload system that I use. It is much easier imo...
Fair enough. I hardly ever need my cpanel except for settings up email accounts, making new MySQL databases, or checking my monthly bandwidth.
ditto. in my Opinion, FTP is faster then browsing through CPanel
So, has anyone found any errors?? Smile How far have you gotten in the game?
Not far enough to find errors. Smile
Well, I made it to the ship, but since he didn't make it to where you couldn't kill the cannon balls, I keep dying. Sad I told him to fix that and upload a newer version. Smile

That, and it would be nice if you could pause, and save/load...
Agreed. That's always good.
Is this only for the 89?
Would it work on my 83+? Cool
dopeheaddude wrote:
Is this only for the 89?
Would it work on my 83+? Cool

no, the 89 and 83 have differnece CPU architectures, and therefore ASM for one won't work for the other
Alright, thanks!
That's what I was saying in my PM. The z80 line (TI-73 through TI-86) runs on a completely different processor and architecture than the 68k line (TI-89 through v200).
New screenshots ^_^

Last 4 are for the newest levels. Smile
lookin' good.
Surprised Those are awesome!!
I can never get it to work in VTI...

I installed it and went to the first level. As soon as I clicked 2nd it said divide by zero. Now, every time I reset and reinstall it it just slowly turns the top of the screen black and freezes.

Almost forgot -> OS 2.09
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