Since my father works for the WORLD FAMOUS company Maxim Integrated (former Maxim Integrated products aka Maxim IC), he got a max32600 microcontroller soc EV (evaluation kit). I was wondering if someone could port Kerm's gcn bridge sorce code into C and compile it so that I could turn that ( underclocked) EV kit into a gcn bridge.
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I believe the gcnbridge code is already in C, but it would need to be altered for whatever hardware you're running on.


KingInfinity wrote:
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There's no reason to be this hostile. Please calm yourself.
Oh man. That's a pretty good company. I remember their MAX232 series was one of my jelly bean ICs back in the day (buy them by the handful); so it surprised me to learn just now they are also into ARM processor kits. I guess that makes good sense these days. Sounds like this will be a fun project!
Neat idea! If you can figure out how to link the gcn bridge to the MAX3260, that would be most aweome indeed Smile Good luck, and if you require any assistance, please let us know!
The gCn bridge for Spark Core and Arduino in C++ with Arduino libraries is on GitHub, so feel free to try porting it to the microcontroller you mentioned. Is there something you think makes it particularly well-suited for gCn?
Will the src code work on the ARM cpu that the max32600 has?! I forgot mostof the specs and info, and i will have to get hold of the company confidential datasheet for the ev kit and maybe even for the chip itself. I dont know c++ and i will need to wait for the summer to do all the hw stuff.
Will the gcn bridge code work on an ARM cortex m3 cpu. Also, how much ram is needed on the mc to run the code?
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