Pacman, because who doesn't love that retro game?
Portal Returns, for it's problem solving levels.
Pacman, CE2048, Falldown, Nuclear Reactor Sim CE...

***SM84CE hides
Kirby's Quest and CalcRogue for the TI-89
Mario Bros., Boulder Dash, and Ztetris for the 85 (the last two are also for the 82)
Oriam, RFK, Mahjong, Donkey Kong, Flappy Bird, Minesweeper, PacMan, Snake CE, SolitiCE, and TetricA for the TI-84 Plus CE

I also forgot to mention RFK for the TI-85 (shameless plug for a not-very-good port of an awesome game) Wink
Please note that I don't use the CE for "gaming" as much as I use it for computation.

Others' Games:
Cellar 3D preview version 652 for TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE (color) by patrickdavidson
- This game is a great display of 3D, I absolutely love playing the same level on repeat trying to beat my best time.
GoL by merthsoft
- This is a good game that I use for testing my designs on the fly and is similar to Wireworld (which is probably why I like it.)
Atomas by Rico
- I don't play this game as much, but it is a good exercise to remember the element's names.
Attack of the Snails! by _iPhoenix_
- I really like the simplicity of this gameā€¦ And the fact that it's _iPhoenix_'s first eZ80 game.

My Games: all by LogicalJoe (shameless self-promotion)
- This is first real complex-plane fractal grapher for the CE and I am proud to say I use it daily.
- This is my first attempt at 3D and I think it was a huge success.
- Rubik's cube emulator; solver coming soon! (if you want to poke me to finish the solver, you can do that here.)
Is it possible to necro a sticky? That would be pretty awkward for my first post on this site, but I digress.

In no particular order, here are my favorites from others (keep in mind, the only graphing calculator I currently have is a TI-84+ CSE, so my calculator gaming experience is somewhat limited, but I'll be getting a TI-89 Titanium soon!):
1. Kerm Martian's Jezzball port. A very faithful port of DOS Jezzball, and the game on my calculator I find myself returning to most often. It slows down on later levels, but that's to be expected with how slow the CSE is in general.
2. Dr. D'nar's Robot Finds Kitten. The messages at the bottom are funny, or at least witty, making it enjoyable to traverse the levels in an attempt to find kitten. It runs very well due to the graphical simplicity of the title. Also, when the string of text is too long to fit on the screen, the scrolling animation looks very cool.
3. Unknownloner's 2048. Very faithful to the original mobile/browser game. The graphics look great, and it runs very fast.
4. AsmBandit's Pacman. This game runs very well, and the visuals look great! It's just like normal Pacman, but smaller.
5. Iambian's Nyan Cat: NaCaNiS. This is essentially a calculator version of the Nyan Cat: FLY! flash game, which I enjoyed many moons ago. When I discovered this game, it gave me nostalgia for the early 2010s, so it has to make the list. Also, this game has my favorite visuals out of this entire list, even if they aren't the most technically impressive.
An honorable mention must be given to MateoConLechuga's phenomenal Portal Returns, which unfortunately did not make my list because I really don't play it that often. It's a bit difficult for my tastes. That said, it has a simple but appealing visual style, and the portal gun feels great to use.

Favorites from my own library:
Well... I've only made 2 full, original games.
1. My favorite is my Random Number Guessing Game. In this game, you can play in Arcade Mode or Endless Mode. In Arcade Mode, you must guess the number in 3 moves, but in Endless Mode, you can guess the number using as many moves as you want. I think it's a fun concept, and I'd like to continue to add new features to the game over time.
2. I've also created a more traditional game called Avoid the O's, in which you play as an X trying to reach a W while avoiding O's trying to chase you. The collision detection is not very good on this game, so you might not want to play it. I haven't uploaded it to any calculator websites, but it is on my Github, which is linked in the game title above. There is also a mirror of the Random Number Guesser game on my Github.
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