This is a game I programed in Microsoft Excel VBA. It randomly generates a world, 100 * 100 of 5 * 5 cell blocks (in all 250,000 cells). It doesn't really have much yet, but the character can move and interact with the world, and has an inventory. Feel free to develop it more.


Start the game by scrolling to the right and hitting the top button. Wait until both indicators turn green. Make sure you set your zoom to 20%.

Move using the arrow keys.

Harvest blocks using tab.

End the game with escape.

Here is the file on Google Drive. Be sure to enable macros when you run it. NOTE: will only run on windows. Excel 2011 or up is best, but it can run on 2007.
/me is intruiged! Very Happy
Um, which buttons do I press?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it Very Happy
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