Oh no! Hell is going to freeze over! I actually got it out on the day I said I would!!! Surprised

We are all gonna die!!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad



I want you to check everything out, let me know if you find any errors. Smile Oh, and if there is a special 16x16 sprite, that would not normally be in a Pokemon game. can anyone identify it??
/me downloads immediately.
I'll let you know.
/waits patiently...

I shall work on and finish Star Trek 83 while I am at it... Smile
/me boots up TI-CONNECT
/me waits eagerly for feedback
I takes a while to load saved data....what happens if I press ON?


uh..yeah...so I noticed that you have to press 2nd...it should tell you that...I thoughmy calc had froze.
You will just interupt the program...

And what it does is use the setupeditor, checks to see if any elements exist, then goes from there... I tried to make it as optimized as possible... It took me 3 hours to get all the bugs ironed out of the save/load routines... I had to keep rewriting the blasted thing, counting how many If Then and loops and comparing to End statements, etc. I am super glad that it works thought. Smile

I have recieved one suggestion on removing the sprite that pops up when doing the save/load feature. He called it a save disk, but that isn't it... Smile Should I keep it?
I like it (pokedex right?)...just you need to provide more info about stuff.

also, can you get the menu yet? and when you quit, it would be nice to clear the screen instead of leaving the map there.

wierd, I just hit continue again, and it the text overwrote the pokedex
<3 the poxedex. Nice job. Smile
It is a mini pic of the calc...

I will check into that error, see if I can reproduce it...

The menu is available via the STAT key. Sorry for not makin a better readme, my lap top doesn't want to talk to the A: drive... I could always download the one off of ticalc, I guess...
anything else I should know?
I hadn't run it yet - now I have. Looks like a calc to me. Smile
when I save, it never clears the screen when it returns to the menu.
The menu works except for PokeDex, Pokemon, and Items. I have yet to build an interface for these options. To exit the options menu, press 2nd (Need to add that to the screen...)

If you hit a section of map where you keep hitting the same screen, that means the map hasn't been built that far...

The = means it is a jumpable ledge...

Check out the option ASH in the menu. Smile
elfprince13 wrote:
when I save, it never clears the screen when it returns to the menu.

That is odd, I could have swore that that worked for me... I will have to confirm it all once I get home...
I did. its awesome. you cant catch pokemon or go in houses yet right?
Entering houses is next. I am thinking that I will need help with the Pokemon data, getting it put on the calc...
I bet I could find a spreadsheet of stats somewhere that I could export to a list

between these three is everything you'll need for pokemon and items


http://guides.ign.com/guides/16708/index.html ***this one is the best

Yeah, I knew they existed, but the thing is, I have to figure out how I wish to store those stats, which obviously will be in a list. I thought about doing LPOKE###, where ### corresponds with the Pokemon's number...
thats a lot of lists. and List names cant be that long anyway. just use one huge list (about 151*#stats)

or one list for each stat type, and make them all 151 long.
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