Rofl... my calculator already has a prgmZGA; what do I do!?
I would recommend that you make a backup of all your files, either on computer (Preferred) or via a group file. Then place all my files on there, so my game can perform its hostile take over... erm, show you my beta. Wink Razz
lol, I wonder what that version of the program is from. Do you think you tried a previous beta?
probably from the RPG starter kit.
All right, that makes sense.
The page he reffered to is from the earlier versions of RPGSK...
Ohhhhhh, that's why it looked weird. Why haven't I heard much about this RPGSK before?
its in his siggy....
lol, I don't know. It took me a short time to make the engine, and what not, then I uploaded it. I could have sworn that I posted about it here, as this is the only other forum that ever seems to reply to something I say, and not totally ignore me. Anyways, Kevin basically gave me a challenge. He said he would only upload the RPGSK if a game was made of it, testing its abilities. That is why I started working on Pokemon... Very Happy
Haha, nice. And so far it seems to be an excellent proof. Smile
Yup. Smile

I have had to make modifications, of course, but nothing too sever. The core of the engine is still very much there. Smile

Heck, I might even finish the developer's guide this weekend, get that over with...
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