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How could you guys forget the legendary ti-85, which like nobody uses.
I used to use the TI-85, it was my first calculator. I like it much better than my TI-84 CE, but the 85 is just too slow to be viable. You could actually name variables on the TI-85 (you didn't have to use just a - z)
Pieman7373 wrote:
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Travis wrote:
I remember the argument/discussion of what TI-8X truly means coming up before somewhere. Some used it to designate the Z80 calculators, which worked before the TI-89 came out, but now it's ambiguous because no one agrees on the exact meaning. I personally just avoid using the term altogether for that reason.

Of course, the situation is even more complex now that we have eZ80 calculators added to the mix and approximately one zillion different incompatible models whose names all start with "TI-84 Plus", as well as the infamous ARM(?) based ones with no model number at all.

Since we are now discussing nomenclature of series of calculators, I think the ti-8x convention is the most ambiguous thing you can use, cause if you mean z80 based calcs, then you are also including things like the ti-76.fr and the ti-73 (explorer), which don't fit the "8x", but then if you mean models that are actually called ti-8*something* then you run into the issue of including a much broader range of calculators than you first intended, by including 68k ones like the ti-89 (titanium) and Toshiba T6M53A ti-80, as well as the ti-88 which is not even a graphing calculator. Even if you somehow sort those out, you are still left with a whole plethora of incompatible models, ranging from all the less common models such as the ti-82 STATS.fr to the more common models such as the ti-84 plus CE.

tl;dr: ti-8x is bad and should not be used. There are other ways to denote clear subsets.
Just for fun, since this topic has been hijacked by different subjects that aren't really related to the original topic, here is what I believe to be all the ti-8x calculators based on the ti-8*something* naming convention
    ti-82 plus
    ti-82 advanced
    ti-82 stats
    ti-82 stats.fr
    ti-83 plus
    ti-83 premium CE
    ti-83 plus.fr
    ti-83 plus SE
    ti-84 plus
    ti-84 pocket.fr
    ti-84 plus pocket SE
    ti-84 plus CSE
    ti-84 plus CE
    ti-84 plus SE
    ti-89 titanium

oh, and of course, the ti-87 Razz
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