Over the past three years or so, I have accumulated a set of backups of my text (SMS) and MMS conversations by using Carbonite's SMS Backup and Restore app for Android. Recently, I wanted to be able to actually look back on my conversations in a more organized form, so I built a simple Python tool called smsxml2html. It takes one or more XML backups from SMS Backup and Restore, and turns them into a series of HTML files, one per contact with whom you texted. It not only adds all of your SMS messages in chronological order, including a table of contents separated by month; it also parses your MMS messages and turns the embedded images back into discrete image files. Feel free to give it a try and PR the repo if you have any improvements! And be sure to back up your text messages.

SMSXML2HTML: SMS Backup and Restore XML to Conversations

Nice Genesis bruh. (And also, nice project!)
allynfolksjr wrote:
Nice Genesis bruh. (And also, nice project!)
Thanks, bruh. And thank you!

class SMSMsg:
   def __init__(self, timestamp, text, type, extra):
      self.timestamp = timestamp
      self.text = text
      self.type = type
      self.extra = extra

More like

from collections import namedtuple

SMSMsg = namedtuple('SMSMsg', ['timestamp', 'text', 'type', 'extra'])
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