Yay for duplicating each other's post Very Happy
lol, I figured you could get the gist of it, but I also have been using it, so I thought I would just post an answer... Smile
Fair enough. I just tried to paraphrase the page. Smile
Ok, I understand the commands now! Smile

But how do I actually use it? lol.

Lets say in the beggining of my game, I want to unarchive all other game files: ZGA, ZEN1, ZEN2, ZEN3, ZEN4, ZTOWN1, etc.

How would I do that?
It copies the program from Flash ROM and stores it into a TEMP# program. The actual program stays in ROM, to make sure it is safe in case of a RAM clear...

ZGA will be prgmTEMP1.
ZEN1 will be prgmTEMP2.
ZEN2 will be prgmTEMP3. etc.
So, every time I want to call prgmZGA, I call prgmTEMP1 instead?

As I understood, the number before the [NAME] is the TEMP#. In Kerm's example, he put 0 in front of them all. Is that not the TEMP#? Just the order decides the TEMP#?
Precisely. The 0 just means "unarchive into a TEMP". The order decided the numbering.
:" "

It is giving me a syntax error when it reads that.

EDIT: When I put a close parenthesy around RESOURCE, it gives me a Version error.
Never heard of it...
No no, it's like this:

Don't put anything after the quote. The second quote was just to show that there was nothing in between.
And all that does is delete all the temp programs.
Exactly. The reason you got a resource error was the TI-BASIC parser was misfinding the start/end of the string.
Actually, I put the closing quote there for the same reason, rofl.

The reason it was not working, is because I put the code in one of the Temp files!
Once I took that identical code and placed it in another file, not a Temp, it worked!

Knowing this, I have a question;
Can I define new temps in a temp?
If I do, will it overight TEMP9, or what?
It will overwrite if you have that many, that is why I recommend that if you do not need it further in the code, then delete that temp program, and try to keep the RAM cleaned up a bit. Wink
See, my map program falls on TEMP9.
If in TEMP1:


Will it make ZTOWN2 TEMP9?
Yes, but like I said, it is not good to have that many TEMP programs....
Why not? Confused
Because in a way, you are defeating the purpose of RESOURCE, as you might as well have it all unarchived. Regardless as what people say, I have noticed that it lags a little bit when there is less RAM, and more so if there are a lot of files to be cutting through (Though I know that I use a lot of files in my games)

I really recommend that you keep the amount of temp programs that are up at one time down to a minimum...

I have already changed my program with TEMP calls instead of my programs.
As soon as I see it lag, I'll change it back! Razz
It would be good coding habit if you didn't just have it continously overwrite temp9...
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