PT_ said I could put this here...

I decided to make myself a website, I'm using Google Sites. It's currently a work in progress, meant for me to expand on it over my summer break (another thing added to my fun-related to-do list Razz). So without further ado, here's a link! Feel free to comment on it here in this topic, suggest feedback, etc.

Here's a to-do list!
favicon (after I finish my custom font)
actual content

start a site
give it a title
a short description
compatibility table for my programs, similar to the token one at TI|BD
DL links, currently, the text in the DL page says it's a WIP and gives a link to my Cemetech profile
Without content, it's hard to give feedback. I'm also not familiar enough with Google Sites to know what is and isn't possible. BUT, the site title is too long to fit on the page. That may be a simple fix in Sites to make that element larger but maybe try and shorten it Razz

short time up, and already one improvement! Fixed that, I also edited my first post to have a to do list...
SM84CE wrote:
short time up, and already one improvement! Fixed that, I also edited my first post to have a to do list...

Looks a lot better than my site! Razz (link to see what I mean)
although I wrote mine in pure html + css Cool
I used to use google sites, but I couldn't be creative enough, so I made my own, using HTML, (JS) and CSS. I recommend using GitHub pages, and making your own website, instead of using google sites. You can learn another (two-three) programming languages that can come in really handy. If you're posting your programs there, you can also do that using GitHub pages.
Well... I'll just see how it goes... If it looks OK and I can do better w/ GitHub sites, I'll make myself another site Razz
UPDATE: prgm compatibility tables are now up! Any more suggestions? All I need now is a favicon and an actual homepage Razz
I recently got into Minecraft modding, haven't published any of those, but if I do, I'll probably link to my site. So, I decided to start moving the calc related stuff to a new tab...
Been a while, and I haven't really worked on this, but I intend to move the site from my personal email to, so that'll pull the site offline for some time.
I decided not to move the site, and instead... Updated the Overview section of the "Calc programming" page. Still need to put in my ICE programs, but check it out! Also, I added a favicon!
Necropost on my own thread (and shameless plug)

I've made a subreddit! Find it here!

It's still in early stages (I'm teaching myself how to moderate as well as making an actual sub), so commenting and whatnot will be disabled except for approved users
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