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Which phone/operating system do you prefer, iOS or Android?

I couldn't find a topic exactly like this, so here goes.

Format your post like this I guess:

What phone you have (include os version).
Something you like about it.
Something you dislike about it.
Any other comments you have.

I'll start:
BLU Vivo XL3, running Android 8.0 Oreo
I love the customization abilities with Android, as well as the many different options for companies to buy from, especially the variety of budget options.
One thing I don't like about my phone in particular is it doesn't perform the greatest and can also overheat sometimes.

I'm curious about what the results will be, so please share your thoughts!
While I don't see any issue with either - I typically use Android based devices.

Similar reasons to yourself and any APPS that I've made have typically been for Android, but have ported over to iOS on the odd occasion as well.

My organisation mainly utilises the Apple Ecosystem however.
I have a Moto G⁵ Plus, running Android 8.1.0.

I'm mostly biased towards Android because it the one I've had most experience with. I like it because of the previously mentioned reasons, mostly the control, freedom, and customizability, as well as the range of apps to do literally anything. I know Apple will have apps for most things, but Android has many lightweight, 100% free apps to do one specific task that might otherwise be absent on Apple. Also, the smaller price tag is a big benefit. I just like the general feel of the OS, and the how it doesn't really get in the way of anything I want to do.

I like Android, but I could totally understand the benefits of being an Apple user as well. The ecosystem is a big benefit, as well as the general cleanliness and ease of use, for those who might not need or care about the customization that comes with Android. Also, Apple devices are in general more reliable, I think, largely due to the fact that Apple can do a good deal of software-hardware optimization in a way that Android phone manufacturers can't.

Overall, I think Android is the best fit for me, but I can also see how it might not be the best fit for everyone.
I have an iPhone 7, running iOS 12.1.4.
I love the polish of IOS, everything just runs so smoothly, and my phone rarely lags or crashes.
The fact that iPhones at 6 years old are still getting the most recent iOS updates, and still work great.
I love the 3D touch feature on the 6s+, some people think it's a gimmick, but I use it quite often.
I love how I don't have to worry as much about viruses, as long as I am not downloading anything I shouldn't.
I love how my privacy is a big deal to apple, and how secure my phone feels.
I love the mute switch on the side above the volume buttons.
And iMessages.
And batteries, no explosions! 0x5 my battery is two years old, and it still lasts the entire day, with around 40% at the end of the day, and never heats up.
One thing I like about Android, is the lower prices of phones, iPhones are so expensive.

Sorry this post is sooo messy and unorganized, I sort of just added stuff as I thought about it. Rolling Eyes
Currently using an iPhone 5. Hardware wise (except for old battery) its better then the cheap Chinese android i had before it, but I miss the customization available on android.
I have a Moto G5 Plus like Pi_Runner.

I prefer the freedom of Android. I feel like you can utilize the device to more of its full extent without jailbreaking it than you can on iOS. For instance, being able to install foreign APKs. I also feel like the Google Play Store is less regulated than the App Store and you can find a lot more there.

I dislike Apple's business model with all the proprietary stuff they push. Also, my biggest complaint with Apple products after using an iPad for 2 years now is typing on it. Highlighting and moving the cursor around are terrible and most of the time I end up not being able to do everything I want to with it. I never have had those problems with Android, but maybe that's because I've only ever used Android devices.

A note on viruses: It's very difficult to get a virus on an Android phone without installing a foreign APK (like literally never heard of it happening), which is in itself a feature additional to those of Apple. So I wouldn't consider an iPhone safer from viruses than an Android.

My biggest complaint with my phone is probably that some mainstream apps are terribly optimized for it. Snapchat crashes all the time and Spotify can barely tell when I'm connected to wifi. I see those as lazy developer problems though, because it certainly doesn't happen with every app.
I'll bite.

  • iPhone XS Max, on iOS 12.1.4. It's literally my newest Apple device by about 3 years.
  • I love the capabilities. I came from an iPhone 6 and I can now shoot photos and videos in RAW, though I'm not entirely impressed with the results. But I really love the wireless charging. I built a wireless charging picture frame and put a wireless charger on my desk at work. I was so in love with the wireless charging stuff that I even went out and upgraded the headunit in my car so that it now supports wireless CarPlay.

    None of these are direct reasons why I enjoy the XS Max. I could do wireless CarPlay from my iPhone 6, though on an iPhone 6s and up I would be able to take RAW photos, and iPhone 8 and up I'd be able to wireless charge. But eliminating cables from my life is super awesome and I encourage everyone to do this.
  • I dislike the size. I went with the Max because I had fat finger syndrome on my 6. Still have it on the XS Max, oh well. It is a bit big for my hand but I love the screen real estate when taking video and photos so I make do.
  • Other Comments. The phone is super capable. I just started taking RAW video on it over the weekend. I see myself leaving behind my camera gear when traveling and actually have a phone case that supports small attachable lenses in my online cart (still convincing myself to buy it). I love the AR capabilities and have used it to watch a few SpaceX launches and even used it to measure dimensions of items, imagine items in a space, and more.
I'm currently using an iPhone SE running ios 11.3; I do like the security Apple provides over Android, however as others have said, I hate feeling the restrictions Apple has. That's why I decided to jailbreak it and it was the best decision I ever did on this phone, there's tons of useful tweaks (that are already available on Android but that's not the point Razz) and other random things that aren't even offered on Android! With jailbreaking comes instability though. I've felt with wierd things like my cellular connection failing to activate to my battery only lasting a 1.5 hours and overheating. It takes a long time to iron out the incompatible tweaks and isn't fun to do. About that Apple ecosystem, it doesn't work at all when you have all sorts off different brands of devices and becomes a huge annoyance (why can't I send/manage the files on my phone just from the Windows file explorer?) Sometimes I wonder if it would be worth it to selly phone and buy a Galaxy.

Speaking of Galaxy, I used a Galaxy S3 with Android 4.4.2 for a year and I loved that phone! The screen was the size of an iPhone 6 but the bezel was smaller so it was as tall as my SE, it had an OLED screen, battery lasted me 3 or 4 days (granted I don't use my phone much) and let me do all sorts of fun stuff with it. I'd still be using it if I could downgrade the OS (Verizon locked the bootloader on my phone) to make it run faster and if Google services still worked. (Play store refused to load, Maps would consistently crash) I tried rooting it, but I can't get rid of the lag. One thing I find funny, the Galaxy S3 had a replaceable back that could be equipped with a wireless charger! That phone was released in 2013! Even after I stopped using it it became the giving tree, I recently found out the bigger battery in the S3 can upgrade my HP Prime's battery.

Now that I've typed all that I realize I debated more about the phones rather than the OS, oh well. Tldr I prefer Android, though a jailbroken iOS is almost on par. However, if you're they person who has already sunk thousands into strickly Apple products, then I can see how iOS would be favorable for you.
I have a Motorola G6. The G series has been absolutely fantastic. Apple sucks.

Thanks for coming to my fireside chat.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
I do like the security
I hate feeling the restrictions

Pick one haha Razz
I use a OnePlus 6. Before that I used a Nexus 6P.
It seems like all phones are almost exactly the same, and all of them can do the stuff I would like them to do. There's nothing really innovative with phones now, just gimmicky stuff like notches and iMessage. The only reason I replaced my old phone is because the battery died and because they quit putting out software updates for it. If it wasn't for planned obsolescence, there wouldn't be a reason to change phones at all.

The only reason I would consider getting an iPhone would be for the Face ID 3D scanning capabilities, which don't come even remotely close to making up for the price difference.

My phone isn't currently rooted, which is slightly annoying because there are a few things I would like that require it, but I can live without them and I'm too lazy to figure out how to back up stuff properly before unlocking the bootloader. I probably should have rooted it before setting it up for the first time, but whatever.
Pi_Runner wrote:
I have a Moto G⁵ Plus, running Android 8.1.0.

Same here!
Also like dankcalculatorbro

I like the customizations that are possible, and really don't see anything bad right now...
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