For many American students, the AP Calc tests are 2 days from now. I have been working recently on a reference for those tests, and hopefully some people will find it useful. Before I describe it, this is not considered cheating by the College Board. They only stipulate that calculators may not communicate with each other or over the Internet, and that calculators may not be used to take information out of the test room. Calculator memories are specifically not cleared for these tests.

The program is a reference that contains entries for major topics throughout the AB and BC courses, from limits to Taylor series. It is not super optimized and for that reason I held back on adding too much data to it. It running slow and the test being limited on time, you may or may not find it useful. But if you would happen to blank on a question, this is every topic you've covered throughout the year. It will give you somewhere to start. Installation and controls information is found in the readme. I also added a search function, so you can find pages with what you're looking for on them. For instance, if I search "Taylor", it will return the Taylor Series and La Grange Error pages.

I will probably not upload this to the archives. The link to the google drive folder download is here.

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