SM84CE wrote:
beckadamtheinventor wrote:
SM84CE wrote:
RogerWilco wrote:
What about Mateo's calc bricker? Razz

totally missed that post... oops! The calc bricker is in assembly, and I don't want to add another subprogram, and besides, that's too harsh of a consequence...

Also, 988 downloads! Can we hit 1000?

You mean the one that archives the homescreen program?

Uhhh... no, the one that requires you to 2nd + Del reset and reinstall the OS, is what I think beckadam meant, ACag's BlastCSS checks for that one

It archives the homescreen program. This tricks the OS into resetting instead of running the homescreen.
It's a great program, but I've encountered a few bugs: In the late game, when you go to the SHOP, you sometimes see 10 items that you can buy instead of 7. If you try to go from tab 2 to tab 3 with the arrow keys (because I thought there might be items 8, 9 and 10) does not work. Bug 2 is that when you are playing the game, and then after a few days of starting the game for the umpteenth time, my EU multiplier has suddenly become very high! (x995). And then I can't go to the shop, because the price for x996 is so high that the calculator can't calculate it. My coolant boost pumps and my reactor and fuel rod max temperature have also been reset to default. Can you please fix these bugs?
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