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I want to create a mini-dictionary for my Spanish class (just for fun), but I need help with a few things:

1. The program is going to be a file directory-style one, sort of like:

1. Unit 1
2. Unit 2
3. Unit 3

I want to do something like that, but I don't know how to simulate a directory without using too many lines of code or making separate programs for each directory.

2. There may be times where the list of options goes beyond the screen length of the page. I want to make it so that you can scroll down.

3. The words and translations are going to be page by page, with the option to flip between pages and return to the directory. It's a similar problem to #1.

4. I want to simulate the highlight/number selection style of the TI-84. How on a list of, let's say, programs, you can flip between pages and you can highlight the option you want or type a number and you are taken to the option corresponding with said number.

Sorry if I am asking too much. Thanks.
Use the Menu() token. (I don't know what calculator version you're using; I assume your using a TI83+ or TI84+)
The syntax for the Menu() token is:

For Example:


Lbl A
"THE CAT"->Str1

Lbl B
"THE DOG"->Str1

Lbl C
"THE BIRD"->Str1

Lbl 0
Disp Str1

I assume you are new to programming and/or TI-BASIC. You can always just search Google for all of your various programming needs but you can find a good starter guide here.
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