How could I regulate if the user has already picked up that particular '?' ?
Ummm, my script overwrites the '?' with a space
Yes, but, every time you enter a new screen, ZTOWN1 is loaded. ZTOWN1 defines Str1 WITH the '?' there. All one would have to do is leave the screen and come back and the '?' will be there again.
Oh. Then don't make ZTOWN1 reload the string for every clrhome.
How would I do that?

Something has to define Str1, because that is the area being displayed!
Just leave it defined then. Don't keep resetting it.
When you go off that curtain area (the 8x16 screen) a new one has to load, which is also Str1. ZGA checks if you leave the screen, and if you do, ZTOWN1 defines the new area as Str1.
Ahhh, I see. Hmm, let's think about that. How about a list that will store when '?'s you've already hit?
Well, you have it search which area it is in to see what item to pull up, right?
Oooh, that's a good idea. You can build it on that.
Basically, just have a list element for each ? and if =0, then retrieve item, if =1 then tell them it is empty. Smile
Yeah, that's what I was going for a few posts ago. Perhaps somehow go for a global (x,y) coordinate?
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