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I found a Ti 83 Plus emulator https://github.com/bailwillharr/z80emu for the Ti 84 Plus CE. I compiled the code using spasm-ng and I sent the .8xv file to my calculator through Ti Connect, but when I tried to use it, my screen just flickered and returned error. How do I upload a rom to it, and does it want a OS or a program rom?
A quick look at the code shows that it doesn't do anything. Looks like someone intended to write it but gave up.

I suspect emulating a TI-84+ at a reasonable speed on a TI-84+CE is do-able, but getting that speed would require an experienced programmer who could cleverly take advantage of the eZ80's binary compatibility with the Z80.
Lol it seems you found my old project. I was quite new to assembly and had quite ambitious plans. Maybe sometime in the future I'll get it to work but I definitely overestimated my abilities.
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