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Casio Prizm BASIC Highlight syntax for VIM editor :

- A repository having Highlight syntax enabled for VIM editor under development:


- Instructions are provided in the link above

Reason: offline editor having the keywords on the casio prizm manual to ease coding between PC and Calculator . May be used for another editors of preference.

Notes: May be also implemented for more calculators. Smile
While was transporting keywords to the plugin, i've stumble uppon a command ',' that correlates to "Para," in txt on the manual from the casio prizm cg50 v3.30.

thankfully the staff gave a lot of help and a idea came to create a txt fixe with the "Para," keyword to check what it translates into the BASIC command... well guess what... it is a ",".

TXT content:


LpWhile (B<10)

Images from manual and screenshot from calculator



However didn't find in the calculator menu's yet. Can someone tell where is this from?
I don’t know basic but perhaps , and Para simply wrap the line i.e. lets you continue previous line in the next one?
amazonka wrote:
I don’t know basic but perhaps , and Para simply wrap the line i.e. lets you continue previous line in the next one?

Thanks for the reply. Let me check if i understood ....

Are you saying that the "Para," keyword it translates somehow to a command that is "," and it is a line continuation to the next command in BASIC, in the same line eg:

- Casio BASIC in TXT



- Casio BASIC:



. There is also the "," in the alpha mode as char that splits arguments eg the integral command. I'll re-check later on the manual if there is some sort of mention to this.

Again thanks for the hint.
I'll keep updating further commands to the VIM syntax plugin.
Oppsss my mistake assuming that the line separator is the "," . The line separator which is designated as multi-statement command is ":" as described in the Casio Cg50 v3.30 manual, page 309 ( 8-13):


My apologies
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