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Therad2 wrote:
I am going to be finishing my program in basic before I start trying out making an ICE program. (I don't like unfinished projects). I have gotten very far on making my login screen when I started thinking about the apps I would have for my desktop. One of the apps that was a must have is a calendar (a reminder sort of thing for a week using 7 of the strings) the main reason I was making different accounts was 1: to save settings and 2: to save personalized things like the calendar. The problem is that I could only do one calendar because there is only 10 strings (and that kind of defeats the purpose of the accounts) so should I keep the (3 and guest) accounts as a coolness factor or should I only have one guest account and one account (guest account and 1 for me)(of course the personalized things like the calendar would not be accessible by the guest account.) sorry for the long paragraph and spelling errors.

Edit: by getting rid of the other 2 accounts I would gain 2 strings that I could later use.

I would recommend using encoded lists instead of strings, as you can create as many lists as you want, providing enough storage is available. To convert a list to a string and vice versa, check out the list to string and string to list routines. These can easily be adjusted to include multiple strings (for example, seven days of the week) in one list.

Therad2 wrote:
Than is there an input for that screen? (to enter letters and numbers)

There is an Input command that works similarly to its TI-Basic counterpart, however it will not work once you have initialized graphics, so you will probably want to write a simple custom input routine like Pieman suggested.
Thanks lots (: I was kind of thinking about trying to change strings into something else but I kind of gave up on it.
I don't know why but I tried the code and it did not work (for both of them) if I did something wrong I have no idea.
I put the code:

:1+seq(inString("0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ",sub(Str1,A,1)),A,1,length(Str1→L₁

But it sent out a syntax error and pointing at the storing arrow (→)from Str1 to L₁ Sad
I don't know why because this basic coding is way out of my league so please help.
Are you sure you typed the code correctly? I just tried it myself and verified that it does work.
did You use a ti 84+ ?
I was messing around with text clearing on the graph screen and optimizing it (getting rid of non ended ifs) and I wanted to see how fast I could get it. I copied it into a different program and made it repeat with black so I could see it. I was looking at it and then I realized: it was an amazing fake (sry but I love these kinds of things to make it seem real) loading bar. Here is the code and I was wondering if there are any ways to make the code smaller or faster because I feel it could be shrunk down to make it look cooler and for the text clearing. (besides making it thinner/shorter). Thanks (:

Lbl A
Repeat A=161
If B=104
Goto A
There was a bit of a mess up because when I used the list to string it would make it 2 letters forward (Ex: I would store hi into the list and when I took it out of the list it would say jk)(and then I thought it was a joke lol) and to fix that I just made the string to list -1 (than the rest)


1+seq(inString("0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ",sub(Str1,A,1)),A,1,length(Str1→L₁


-1+seq(inString("0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ",sub(Str1,A,1)),A,1,length(Str1→L₁

And it now works perfectly Very Happy
(But I am wondering if I just messed something up while typing it in)
Edit: that was just a symbol so I jus changed it to 1 to show that you are typing in numbers. But now it is putting out an error for invalid detentions when storing the stuff into str2 (shown in the code) please help because I am not sure how this works and this will be a very important part in my prgm.

" ->Str2
Repeat max(K={105,45,23
If K=31:Then
If K>40
Str2+sub("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 7894561230.-",(K-   (40+7(K>50)+5(K>60)+5(K>70)+5(K>80)+5(K>90)+5(K>100)))+26(U>1)+26(U>2),1->Str2  // <------ error gets put out here when this line stores into Str2

Here is a link to the discussion if you want to make sure I did things right:
(Just don't post on it because it is so old as said in the rules)
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