Works well! It indexed 145 programs in a reasonable amount of time and I didn't encounter any crashes. A few suggestions and bug reports:
    1. Could you please make [2nd] an alternative to [enter]?
    2. Can you add a progress bar or animated loading icon to Checksum OS? It's nice you added the hourglass icon, however when there's a span of several minutes without any change in the program it's hard to tell if it's frozen or not. Or you could add a tooltip that says something like 'This will take X amount of minutes!'
    2.1 An animated loading icon for the OS scan would be nice too, especially since if there's nothing detected, it just sits on the same screen for a while.
    3. Your program just flagged the malware definitions as viruses. Laughing it listed: 'BrickBrickBaby; halt,CatchFire (yes, that comma is apart of that one word); and LoopForever.
    4. If you scroll to the left of the list of files starting with the letter A, you get into unmapped memory territory. Fortunately your program is smart enough to not create a snapshot of a '14mb appvar'. Very Happy
    5. Update your copyright to 2020! Wink
1) Done
2) Perhaps a tooltip, animation is harder. We'll see. I'll play with it tomorrow.
2.1) ^
3) Yes, isn't that strange. An antivirus flagging an appvar containing the opcodes it is looking for... as containing the opcodes it is looking for. So, just don't scan the definitions???
4) Not only did I resolve this, I added a little something special:

5) Done.
1) [2nd] can now be used as well as [Enter] to select menu options
2) "wait ~2 mins" now displays when you request an OS checksum. Cannot add an indicator to the loop, slows it by many times it's normal speed.
2.1) The AV scanning dialog now starts with "starting scan..."
3) That evidences the scanner is actually working properly.
4) Resolved the bug, removed the troll line.
5) copyright date updated

Download for further testing: [Latest Beta]
Carry on!
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