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Back by popular demand, the Slender PvP event that I ran in my arena is now back and better than ever. The old server war world has been repurposed and creepified with the help of icybeckacrafter, TurquoiseDrag0n and EaghanScarlette. The event now takes place within a 500-wide dark oak map, with landmarks placed throughout the map, designed to resemble the ones in the games. We even have a Slender's mansion, provided by comicIDIOT via a worldedit schematic.

The objectives of the game are quite simple.
- If you are the Slenderman, find and kill all of the other players.
- If you are not Slenderman, you are simply trying to outlast your fellow competitors.
- Matches last 60 or 90 minutes, to be decided beforehand.
- Bring no gear of your own. You may only use provided materials. Slenderman can use only what is in his chest at spawn; All other players may use only the starting gear provided at spawn.
- After a 1 minute scatter grace period at the match start, anyone may PvP anyone at any time. Players can kill the Slenderman, Slenderman can kill players, players can kill each other.
- Players and Slenderman may not camp spawn
- Players will be set into adventure mode upon entering this world. In the event I fail to set this up for the first few matches all players are to respect the map as though they are in adventure mode.
- If you die you are eliminated, the cause of your death doesn't matter. This means if you jump off a high place (glares at iPhoenix), get killed by a mob, or run afoul of the Slenderman, you are out.
Winning the game should be fairly straightforward
- If Slenderman kills off all players before time limit, Slenderman wins.
- If time limit is hit with survivors, all survivors win.
- If Slenderman is killed, all surviving players win
[Drops, Loot, Trades]
- There are loot chests hidden throughout the world, filled with some helpful equipment
- There are landmarks, based on page locations, throughout the map. These landmarks spawn pages.
- Pages can be traded with the villager at spawn to obtain leather armor, totems of undying, and some weak weapons. Do not abuse the villager, it is there for event use only. If players cannot help themselves, i will remove the villager.

**In a few days, I will generate a copy of the map for public use. After that, I will lock the world to permanent night, and we will have our first PvP match of the new theme, and see how it goes.**
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