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Video effects courtesy of my roomate juju2143. This is the official video for my song Rejection:

That's probably my favorite song from the album! It's great.
Thanks a lot Caleb ^^
I have some great news: My newest album "Maze of Life" is finally released! This 17 tracks album features various music genres, including electronic power metal, eurodance, trance, UK hardcore, video game soundtrack and even my first eurobeat song ever: Attack of the Nuclear Kittens.

Head over to to listen to it!
By the way, if anyone ever wanted a DJ Omnimaga t-shirt in the past, then they are now a reality! There is also a hoodie available.

I also updated the first post of this topic to be more up to date.
So since my last post in this thread I have released the following albums and a single:

I also released two compilations: One includes all power metal songs I made since late 2014 and the other is a free download of many of my songs.

I am currently working on my 15th album, but that will take a long while, like most of my past albums. Two songs are already available, though:
Here is an EP featuring multiple versions of my 2017 song Clouded Future, which was used during Superstar Hero game introduction. The UK hardcore remix was released in 2020, while the house, eurodance and extended electronic power metal remixes were released in September 2021.

It will be released on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer and some other music stores in the next few weeks.

Btw, could a staff member move this topic to the music section? Thanks in advance. Smile
I went with some frenchcore this time around:

I also released a Christmas music cover of Jingle Bells two weeks ago:
Here is a Playstation 1 cover of a power metal song by Dreamtale called Lady Dragon:

Spam post incoming!

Two of my albums are now available in CD format (although it's really CD-R so it might not play in old CD players, but the albums really look identical to retail music albums) at . I am looking into Trepstar so that I can have even higher quality albums but they charge more and I don't know if they have an online store. I might just manually offer my CD's on my Bandcamp and take care of the shipping, but I am not too comfortable wandering around everywhere in public places to ship stuff with Omicron still being widespread.

I'm also trying Ableton Live. I might get a copy if I like it (for that I need to be able to make the same music in a similar amount of time as in my most used softwares. I don't like being slowed down by software when working on music).
Cool tracks. It's strange that I haven't heard about DJ Omnimaga before. I wish you creative success. The main thing is not to stop there.
Today I am pleased to announce the release of my 15th studio album: Hatansion!

This new album includes eurodance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, italo disco and electronic power metal remixes of songs that I made before, as well as cover songs of two public domain songs and two new ones. I hope that you enjoy. Smile

Download and streaming links:
I am currently in the process of preparing three releases, one of which is already available in the first post, but I'll make another post later with a copy of the URL and my landing page. Here are the releases in the works:

-Hatansion: Physical CD release in jewel case. Digital release available with bonus track in previous post.

-Another Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022): Digital compilation release (includes all hardcore genre songs from the aforementioned album)

-Hardcore Trifecta: 20 Years of Magic Hardcore: Physical release only. It is currently available at (it's a DVD case with 5 CD's in it)

Hardcore Trifecta is essentially both my hardcore compilations (including Another Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022), which comes out in April on the 10th anniversary of its predecessor) combined together with 5 bonus tracks.

Here are my newest songs (some of which are not hardcore):

EDIT (March 29): Here are two new songs! In fact they're the same song but in two different genre:
-Hardcore Trifecta:
-Metal Trifecta:
And it's finally out! "A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022)" featuring UK hardcore, frenchcore, happy hardcore, gabber and speedcore

"Hardcore Trifecta", the CD compilation that combines the above and my older hardcore compilation, along with 5 bonus tracks, is now also available as well!
Other download/streaming links:
I haven't been very productive lately, but I just released a new song:

My landing page URL has changed (see last sig button), as the original URL was obtained through Freenom and I no longer have access to it (for now at least). I also made new merch that is already available at my page but due to the nature of print on demand merchandise and the fact some of my stuff is all-over-print the prices are very similar to what you see at concerts and shops that sells merch from established musicians and bands.

I ordered two samples so far to see what they look like in real life. Hopefully I can afford to do so with the others soon. I'm also working on 32-Bit Rekt Part 2 album which is over halfway done.
I don't make chiptune music often normally but here is a new one from me in Sega Genesis 16-bit style.

I really need to do a Houstontracker 2 and/or C64 version at some point, but getting percussion to sound right is kinda difficult since I am not very familiar with 1-bit and 8-bit chiptune music. It also takes a while to make music in trackers although it can be kinda fun. I used Deflemask and Furnace for the above track.
DJ Omnimaga wrote:
I don't make chiptune music often normally but here is a new one from me in Sega Genesis 16-bit style.

This is great! It would fit right in on an old platform shooter like Turrican!
Here is my 19th music album release, The Bit Merge, A blend of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Playstation 1, NES, Commodore 64 and other music productions ranging from eurodance to hardcore music, with a few more rocky tracks here and there. Most tracks are remixes or covers of my previous tracks.

The album is currently available at
After using the DJ Omnimaga nickname for my music since 2006, it's time to change to Dream of Omnimaga, which is more relevant to my current music interests since I haven't actually DJ'ed for many years now and only produced music ever since. I am not ruling out the possibility of using DJ Omnimaga again in the future for music releases (for example if I did a remake of my first album under that name) but most future releases will use the new name.

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