As an example to show all the features of ICE, including tilemaps, sprites, pointers, math, file i/o etc, I decided to make The World Hardest Game CE. So far I've only created the tileset and the first 12 levels and started with the game. You can always grab the source from SourceCoder3:
As you can see, there's almost nothing done, but I will spend a lot of time into finishing this file, which will be included in every ICE release to be an example.
Stay tuned! Smile
Cool! Another great example of the power of ICE compiler. Now then, when are you going to rewrite ICE in ICE?
Sounds cool! Can't wait to see what becomes of it!
Here you go Smile

In theory it's possible to write ICE in ICE, but I won't give it a try Wink

EDIT: voila Very Happy

Lookin' nice PT_!!!!!
Whoop whoop Very Happy

Only need to support sliding around edges, and then I will explain it all in the ICE documentation.
Awesome! Out of curiosity, roughly how many bytes of code is involved in that demo so far? The speed is impressive.
- Main program: 1867 bytes
- Sprite program: 1041 bytes
- Levels appvar (currently only 1 level): 372 bytes
- Tiles appvar: 10334 bytes

- Output program: 2932 bytes.
As you can see, the output program is pretty much the same size as the main program and sprite program together Very Happy
Almost done:

Looks pretty good! Can't wait 'till its release! Very Happy
Clyde wrote:
Looks pretty good! Can't wait 'till its release! Very Happy

It's been five years...
This is true.
Unfortunately, PT_ and others have made it clear that ICE is now officially deprecated (I know, it’s sad) so anything that has been made in ICE likely won’t be getting any updates. That being said, if you’re willing to play around with the source code (within the terms of any licenses associated with it, of course) you can feel free to do that if you can find on on some FOSS hosting site (like GitHub).
I for one would really like to see this continued. I’m pretty sure you can find some old tutorials on ICE in the deep dark recesses of the Cemetch wiki.
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