I really don't know where else to put this, so here goes.
I recently got HRT, to transition to female, and want to talk about it here.
Opinions, general talk, and questions are welcome.
Right now I'm just starting, so nothing to report. I'm gonna try to keep sexual content to a minimum, for obvious reasons.
I just need somewhere to post updates about this, so why not here?
Oh yeah, last thing, if I need to delete this, just tell me!
Congrats, Wavejumper! Very Happy

I know stuff like this can be a huge undertaking, and I'm happy for you. Best of luck going forward.
If you haven't as yet I'd highly recommend speaking with a medical professional about the process, as I've heard of people ordering stuff off the internet ... you're safety is very important.

Can I ask what age bracket you are in (if you don't mind) - no need to be specific, just that there's a large demographic of people here who may best be able to relate to your situation.

Additionally I think it is very important to ensure you have a support network whether that be family (may be a challenge), friends and of course online. But I wouldn't try to rely on only 1 of these groups.
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