For a few projects I have in mind, I need some 3D models of the TI-84 Plus CE's shells. While the slide case model is freely available, the rest of the calculator is not. I recently got access to a Shining 3D sp scanner so I've decided to make my own scans!

Just to test it, I scanned the slide case. The model turned out better than I expected but still has some blemishes I need to fix before I upload it to some place like thingiverse. For now you can just grab the files from my OneDrive:!Al_ZukYl7Xyyl7ozjItExj-BVeyoRw?e=C8wyNa

Feeling optimistic, I tried out my white TI-84 Plus CE. I guess I didn't calibrate the scanner properly or it didn't like the white glossy finish because the model came out looking like... well, this image will explain it.

I ran out of time so I couldn't re-do it. I'll have to wait until next time when I can get my red, matte finish calculator. I'm hoping to scan a lot more than just the CE. It'll be great to 3D print my own case colors when I'm done!
It’s almost surely because it’s white and pretty reflective. At least I’m sure XD.
I should really share my 3D models of the pre-CE TI-84 Plus slide cases at some point as seen in - I don't think TI ever released 3D models of these.
The failed calc scan is the stuff of nightmares - especially the large spherical void as if an alien calc just burst out of it!
So I had another crack at 3D scanning a TI-84 Plus CE. This time I brought in my red prototype calculator since the finish was mostly matte. Turns out the scanner really struggles with anything remotely reflective, black, or transparent. After about 40 minutes and 3 attempts I finally got an acceptable scan.!Al_ZukYl7Xyyl7oy60lm33lLF_3ZxA?e=I5W2TJ

The amount of detail the scanner does catch is pretty impressive. It even picked up on the fine 'NOT FOR SALE' print! However, I'll have to fiddle with it more to make ideal scans. For example putting tape over the screen should prevent issues with screen bulges.

I plan on getting out my Edition Python shell that was left over from my TI-84 KE conversion. It's almost all matte which should help tremendously. It is black though which will probably be a cause of issue. The scanner struggled on my HP Prime's back even though it's mostly matte black. The front couldn't be scanned at all due to the metallic face plate and the glossy top half. I haven't tried my Nspire CX II -t CAS yet but I expect to face similar difficulties. I tried to scan my transparent TI-84 Plus but it didn't work at all. I'll play with the lighting next time I scan and see if I can get better results.
Great work! If you can get a scan of the front plastic piece I could print it and make a fully hydrodipped calc.
Alright, I'm back at this project again. Since I've been struggling to scan these parts, I looked and found a trick on Reddit for a cheap 3D scanning spray. I mixed 2 parts isopropyl alcohol to 3 parts baby powder and put it in a spray bottle. I spray the mixture onto my part and let the alcohol evaporate which leaves a white coating of baby powder on the part! Not only does it make the part much easier to scan, but it also rinses off with water super easy.

This is while the mixture was still drying. You can see the white coating on the edges.

It's still not a walk in the park though. The baby powder gets layed on so thick it actually affects the scan of the surface, especially the button holes. I'll need to experiment with different ways of making the layer of powder thinner. I only had time for one scan so it's not very usable yet, but it's still a step better than not getting a scan at all!

Next time I'll need to take more scans and combine them to avoid the bulging artifact on the side of the calculator (that's where the stand was holding it up). If you really want this janky scan, you can get it as a .3mf .stl .obj or .ply here.
Fascinating. I would not have thought of using baby powder to put a temporary matte finish on it (though maybe the alcohol as an applicant). Quite clever. Good luck with fixing the thickness problems!
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