Yesterday, my agents succeeded in their covert mission into Texas Instruments headquarters during the night. As luck would have it, the fifth story window led straight into the CEO of marketing's office. The computer was left on, and there was a Photoshop window open with a mockup of what appears to be their next graphing calculator - or so we thought at first glance. After more carefully analyzing the advertisement, we realized that TI was doing the right thing - getting into the gaming hardware business and leaving graphing calculators. On the desk, there were papers marked "CONFIDENTIAL", which was a natural invitation to peek inside. Its contents were nothing short of shocking - official documents including a partnership with Microsoft to port Minecraft Java Edition, and renaming it to TI-one Plus Edition, and a receipt from Nvidia for a bulk order of custom miniaturized 5090 Super GPUs. By the time my agents had discovered this evidence, heavy footsteps were coming down the hallway, presumably a guard. The last pages they got a glimpse of were several complaints against removing Assembly, and most of them had been scratched out. Taking a few photos, they had to make their swift escape with a thumbdrive containing the evidence.

if you can't see the image,
Stop the cap there's no way it's called TI-One Plus it should be called TIBoy Plus CE
The CE successor will use a single ARM processor and run TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE OSes 25% faster than the Zero ZGC4.
The CE successor will have micro USB C, and replace all of the chips that stall with the right chips, with a snapdragon processor. It will run a hybrid between Linux and the current OS.
A TI calculator that runs linux would be interesting.
Has the new design been approved by the BIOS committee?
9pfs wrote:
A TI calculator that runs linux would be interesting.

Can't the TI-nspire do that? I think it can run a stripped down version of linux
Here's the link to the post:
ACagliano wrote:
Has the new design been approved by the BIOS committee?

100% approved for sure Razz Evil or Very Mad
DJ Omnimaga wrote:
The CE successor will use a single ARM processor and run TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE OSes 25% faster than the Zero ZGC4.

Whoops, accidentally left that out of my report. Thanks, Agent Omnimaga. Smile
I also gathered some intel, that the TI-One Plus will have sound and video support, with all Nintendo, Xbox, and PS support as well. This allows one to play anything from Pokémon to Fortnite (brain rot...) to watching Netflix!
One screen DS with Nvidia GPU.
Oh yea, it has every port from every TI calculator released thus far, and can emulate any of them flawlessly.
Doom and bad apple will be already ported on launch.
A reboot of the CBL line will provide several overtly unpatchable exploits. That way, the launch of the ti - 2 will be a resounding success, due to its complete compliance with standardized testing rules.
And there will be an permanent ROM chip installed, so in the event of an OS corruption, you can still at least play the TI-99/4A classic "Hunt the Wumpus".
It will have support for all existing ti-84 plus ce apps and also support to write c programs on the calc.
32 GB of RAM is low. You need 1 TB of RAM to use calculators comfortably. Also, the SSD should have at least 128 TB of space just so it can barely fit all of the new AAA calculator programs, solely because they take up tens of TB. However, it is totally affordable for broke college students, so that is a huge plus. sells remaining kidney to pay off student loans
Quite a nice design if ti doesnt make this I will lol.
Hope it has open GL 3.0
commandblockguy will be able to display Bad Apple in 4K!
I thought they were going to use the EEZ80 architecture. It's the expanded EZ80 instruction set with 48 bit registers.
48 bit registers are rookie numbers. This baby's gonna implement AVX1024 in hardware
It also supports the pi instruction. Using a hardware implementation of floating point, it calculates PI to a given precision.
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