Whenever I try to transfer files from my computer to my calculator, I get the message
USB communication error: Flash application has a bad signature (8C08002D)

Im trying to put Cabri Jr. into my calculator, and I've tried multiple different versions of it... Im using TI Connect because I can't download any other version as I'm on a school computer :/
Is it my cable? Thanks Very Happy
Have you tried using the TI-84 Plus CE bundle? Also, it could be the wrong version of Cabri Jr. for your calculator.
Cabri Jr is on a few different calculator models meaning you might have accidentally tried the Monochrome version?

Perhaps give this one a try? https://education.ti.com/en/software/details/en/55EDE969CFD2484487B4556641BDDC4E/cabri-jr-app
TI Connect isn't compatible with the TI-84 Plus CE. If your school computer uses Chrome or Edge then you can try ticalc.link website instead.
I tried using ticalc.link and it does connect to my calculator but the problem is that when I try using the download link from tri1p1ea, it says its not a valid calculator file :/
That file should work. .8ek is the correct file format for a flash application for the CE
IIRC, ticalc.link doesn't support applications at this point. The application format is quite a bit different from the program/variable format.
So I guess I can't send files between my calculator and my laptop... Ah well, thanks to everyone that helped Smile
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