I thought I had a ti nspire CAs cx but it was a ti nspire with touch pad. Is their anyway to mod it be more like a CAs cx
First of all, if what you recieved was different from what you ordered, you can requedt a refund. If you still want to use it, I would recommend KhiCAS for the Nspire for CAS functionality. You can't make it output color, but it does almost as much as the TI-Nspire CX anyway. I would also recommend a TI-84 Plus keypad along with it, if you didn't get one already.
You can't mod it. Two very different calculators and if you want gaming, not the way to go. Were their pictures of the thing you bought on the ebay page?
yes i feel like a fool i did not check the pictures it looked like what i wanted but it was not but im gonna keep it anyways

clevor wrote:
If you still want to use it, I would recommend KhiCAS for the Nspire for CAS functionality.

can you send me a link to the site where i can get it???

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Cemetech already has a limited selection of npsire stuff, let alone the old black and white nspire stuff, so I would check out ticalc.org. https://ticalc.org/
Or if you want to navigate a website using google translate, check out ti planet. https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_cat.php?cat=Nspire
If you want cool assembly games, check out ndless which will jail break your calculator. https://ndless.me/#features
I know nothing about programming games for the black and white nspire.
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