I recently reinstalled some add-ins by casio, and upgraded my casio's OS version to 3.80, but the Probabillity Simulation add-in crashes whenever i open it for the second time or open another add-in.
I get this error:


System ERROR

If anybody could help me with maybe downgrading my calculator back to 3.70 or getting prob sim to work again, that would be greatly appreciated Smile
Note: all other add-ins work, except prob sim. i dont know why its crashing Sad
Have you updated the Probability Simulation addin since updating the OS? You can download what should be the latest versions here: https://education.casio.co.uk/support/os-files/os-files-cg50-add-ins/

Not sure if that will fix it, but it's definitely a first step.
yes, i reinstalled them using the add-ins from there.
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