foamy3 wrote:
I can never get it to work in VTI...

VTI isn't that good, you should try TiEmu instead
Definitely. VTI doesn't even emulate the flash correctly on flash-based calcs.
it sucks. VTI doesn't allow apps which means you can't use it for screenshotting any games that use libs or any MirageOS/DCS/CrunchyOS games.
And emulators take away from the experience of the game play anyways... Wink
tifreak8x wrote:
And emulators take away from the experience of the game play anyways... Wink

Wait... I thought the point of the rant was to make me use a different emulator?
The topic is about Super Mario 68k, not a rant on emulators. VTI is no longer a good emulator. That is the point.

But, the game is played better on a real calculator...
Unless GTK refuses to install on your PC, then VTI is the only route... And yes, real calc will always be > emulator.
unless an ASM program is buggy
Well, that's the developer's job most of the time (where it's an absolute PAIN to test on-calc after every little change), and beta testers should be using an emulator for possibly unstable programs anyway. And if it it the final release, you shouldn't be playing it if it's buggy.
he is pretty good about not releasing something that is buggy. Only once that I am aware of when he released, his level sets were not recognized by TI-Connect...
Yes, I'm well aware that he tests his programs thoroughly before release, but there are some that don't quite get the obvious ones...
I can't even get the program to run in TiEmu. It just freezes the calc.

That be the start of the title screen. Wink

He also updated on the forums:

You will have to go to page 2 for his updates though. Wink
Yummy. That screenie looks quite authentic re: the actual game. Smile

There are new ss on there... I want the game now...
You know what's frightening? It actually looks superior to the original. Very Happy
I know, that is what I told him. He said he will also release a level editor... I am thinking the original levels will make an appearance. Wink

w00t!! New demo!
Oooh, secksey screenshots. Ironically, the last time you posted about this was precisely one month ago.
I just tried it on my Titanium. Bad idea. It's stuck on a screen with a bunch of sprites on it. No keys respond. It won't exit even if I pull out all four batteries. It's still stuck right now. Help!
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