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Over the past two days, I have been working on SAX, the Simultaneous Asynchronous Exchange, to improve useability and fix two notable bugs. Firstly, I have made it able to distinguish between users entering the site and users already on the site creating new sessions. It now only reports a user as entering the room when they first arrive at Cemetech. Secondly, I have eliminated the annoying bug whereby the plus sign was mysteriously stripped from SAX input. Math formulas such as "!calc 2+2" should now function correctly.

Secondly, I have resurrected the Cemetech Blog, never posted on, as Cemetech Labs. I will be posting up random stuff that's interesting but not quite newsworthy, like minor project progress, experiments in electrical engineering, site stuff, and the like. You can check out the logo and the test system here:

Cemetech Labs
lies! the + sign still disappears - fix that!
Ummm ... no ... try F5ing to reload SaxJax.js
good work there Kerm. Maybe some stuff out of the labs could be helpful for other sites.
Yeah, definitely. One of the things I want to post up is the interesting progress we made with infrared LEDs and standard cameras.
cool, can't wait to see, care to share some info.
Sure. We took apart a GE webcam, carefully sliced the glass infrared filter off, then experimented with lighting using a remote control's LED. We found that we could see fair detail in anything from bright sunlight to total darkness. Also, we found we could see into electronic devices with infrared transcievers, including PDAs, laptops, and cell phones.
0x5. thats awesome
5 indeed. We also did some fun stuff with LEGO compressors, reconfiguring wireless mouse circuit boards to be more space-efficient, fixed a VCR, fun stuff like that.
You either have too much time on your hands or are very bored. I'm impressed.
Just like to do cool stuff. I'll post up descriptions and pix when I have a chance.
can't wait to see, maybe I'll give some of that stuff a shot.
You should. It's fun stuff, and we're certainly open to suggestions.
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