To start, we'll probably want to either use Linux, a specialized embedded OS (besides Linux), or create one from scratch. The hardware that we choose will dictate which path we choose. We should probably have:

--Support for TI progs
--A/V player
--TCP/IP stack
--Some sort of BASIC-esque language specific to our device
The TCP/IP stack is already in linux, so if you go that route, you will only need to worry about making a driver module for the kernel, and you'll have full networking, beyond just TCP/IP.

A/V player would depend on what type of hardware support you have (in terms of video acceleration and/or sound chip), but you could probably get away with canabalizing mplayer or xine, so that a broad array of formats and streaming media is supported "out of the box"

Support for TI progs could be really easy, or really hard, depending. If you just have tilem/tiemu preinstalled, it would probably be pretty easy if you are runnig on linux/POSIX complaint OS. That would, however, require the user to supply his/her own ROM image. The harder way would be to "reprogram" all of the TI-OS's user-callable functions along with a Z80/68K emulator, which, of course, wouldn't require a ROM image.

"BASIC" language - I'm not really seeing a need for this if you are going more of a "full blown computer" style approach, but rather, porting one of the tons of scripting languages already out there, along with adding platform-specific functions, would probably be a better approach (along with, of course, a C compiler)
at least some kind of on device language would be nice, and something easy enough for almost all people to use would be really nice to see.
Im thinking something posix compliant is the way to go. definitely allows for the most flexibility.
porting one of the tons of scripting languages already out there, along with adding platform-specific functions, would probably be a better approach

Well, it doesn't have to be BASIC...just BASIC-esque, like a scripting language you suggested.
Yes, but you said "specific to our device" - thats what I was questioning. Why does it need to be specific to the handheld?
when you say specific to the device in that TI-BASIC is only for the TI-Calcs, but BASIC is used elsewher (or was I should say), or more that this language will be of a new construction?
What I meant was like how TI-BASIC is to TI calcs.

/me thinks this would be an ideal project on which to use the dataglove Very Happy
that would rock out loud.

I think Kerm's (red if I remember), would have easier support than Ult-Dev's, but I only say that in Kerm built the glove.
Dataglove=Kerm's mouse-glove thingy right?

I think Kerm's (red if I remember)

Ultimate Dev'r==BE
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