MDR Falcon wrote:
jpez... Yes, "better information has (theoretically) allowed voters to become more informed than ever before," but the keyword there is "theoretically." Access to accurate information may improve, but it is up to the citizen-- the voter-- to use it in a meaningful way. The point of the entire essay was that voters are, in general, stupid. These people should not be making decisions for the rest of society. Or even choosing people to make the decisions for the rest of society.

Then who should be making the decisions? I assume you mean that the intelligent should be making all the decisions, but that doesn't entirely work out either, because intelligent people are not necessarily more socially responsible than any other people. "If you give a man power without responsibility, you have created a monster, if you hold a man responsible for what he cannot control, you are condemning him." Anybody ever read the book Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein? You know what I'm talking about then.

MDR Falcon wrote:
b-flat, we can be classified as a democracy, even if it is a representative democracy. People vote and have the right to express their political views, therefore the power of government in our country lies with the people, agreed? Therefore we can be classified as a democracy.

The type of rulership in America, according to Wikipedia, is a federal constitutional republic. And since Wikipedia is always right... case closed.
You should be killed for resurrecting this topic.
I actually think there was some from the current era that said the USA's time has come to be destroyed and most democracies only last about 200 years, so we are late.. i didn't say it, someone else did...

And yeah, the US is messed up... I'm sad to be an american.... where atleast i know i'm being wiretapped...
He's a communist! Razz

No, we really only have a terrible president right now.
Its less than a month old!
Angel, the posts before yours were necroposts look at the early ones Smile.
Angel14995, you've got Adam Savage's quote wrong. Its' "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
What's up with necroposting this topic?
Huh? Neutral
necroposting. Posting a topic that is dead without adding any useful information.
Oh, sorry Sad
just remember to check the post dates is all that we ask.
OK. I'll try not to do it again. Sad
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