talk to Kerm on that 1, i can make u a mod at my site tho, that i have the power to do! but my site isnt quite finished but im starting to work on it i added a new module,

if any1 wants me to add their hardware, email a .htm or .php to me at
u can also submit links too!

o ya and its ur turn
I will be sure to remember that when the time comes pat Smile

Okay, here we go!

"From now on, you must refer to me as Betty"
i kno the answer but i want to give sum1 else a chance, ill wait 10 min
We're the only ones here; go ahead an say the answer Smile
kung pow
So is anyone going to answer my question?? :p
no1 knows the answer

the only thing that comes to my mind is commander keen, but that has to do with games
I don't know the answer...
Bah. Doesn't anyone read here??

It's Ford Prefect in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Book 2.
ya we read, but we obviously didnt read that Razz
ok i got my new 1
"Temper's the one thing you can't get rid of, by losing it."
The things that I read

Star Trek
Star Wars (God only knows how many of these I have read...)

Anything by RA Salvatore
Anything by Terry Goodkind

Other than that, I don't read that much...

As to the answer, I have no clue...
Mmmm, I'm stumped by that too.
mines a movie, not a book Razz
Still don't know.

Here is one: "Yipee Ki Ay Mother ******"
heres a hint, it has adam sandler
Is it Water boy? Or is it that Golf one...
I haven't heard that before...
im leavin tonight so ill give the answer, its Anger Management
Ultimate Dev'r u can do 1 since i owe u bonus points
Let's see...

"I'll hit you so hard, you'll be the only guy in heaven with a wheelchair!" Laughing
k lol post

[Please note that this post has been rebuilt from a corrupted database.]
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