And wtf did you do to do that? o.O I have yet to have any problems with it...

You need to go and report it to Lachprog on my forum...
There's an 89 reset code ... it's like 2nd-diamond-left-right or something.
I fixed it by holding ON+Left+Right while taking out and putting back in the batteries.
Ah, that's another valid reset keycombo. Glad to hear you got this all straightened otu.
When is it going to be Titanium compatible?
calc84maniac wrote:
When is it going to be Titanium compatible?
If he used reasonable libraries, it should already be compatible...
New screenshot!!

He wants your opinions on the title screen. It is in the very top row, so if you are signed up to the TIFW forums, let him know what you think in his subforum. Smile
Yay! I got it working! Apparently only the opening screen was messed up...
Looking good! Keep up the good work!

New screenshots!!
That's looking really great! Does he have a projected release date yet?

Does he have a projected release date yet?

Hard to tell when, but i hope to get it released within a couple of months .

Just need to put it through beta testing and fix all bugs first Smile
Finally, the day has come:

Super Mario 68K has been released!

I uploaded it to earlier today, so it will appear in their archives within a few of weeks, i guess (because of the large amount of pending files...).

Meanwhile, you can download it from the webpage

I want to give a great thanks to everybody who have helped me out or supported me in any way, with completing this game.

Time to have a party!


A short summary of the features of the game:

Super Mario 68K is a grayscale Super Mario game for your calc.

The game are highly animated with beautiful graphics and smooth scrolling backgrounds.

There's a LOT of different kinds of monsters, ranging from the classic goombas and turtles,
ghosts and hammer bros, and even Bowser! and many, many more.

3 different kinds of bosses are present.

There are many kind of powerup's to aid you in your quest, like the Mushrom, Fire Flower, Extra Lives,
the Racoon Suit and many more. Did i mention that you can even fly in this game?

The game also has an overworld map for each of the 8 worlds with features like mushrom houses,
two different mini games, airships, boats, castles and much more!

There is a lot of secrets and hidden areas in the game, so there will always be new places to explore!
A warp zone is also included!

With 3 save slots you can save your progress, and continue from the same spot later.

More than 70 exiting levels through 8 worlds will give you many hours of game play.
And with the upcoming level editor you can even make your own worlds and levels!

Try it out!
OMG I have to get a 89T now this kicks a**. I want it now Smile
*goes to TiEmu*

Holy freaking crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (etc.)

This is amazing! It's almost an exact replica of SM3, but for calcs...

Now there's one more reason I need an 89T Very Happy.
Featured on
Woo hoo! I actually just put the demo on my calc last Friday. I didn't know the final was so close to completion. And I can't believe all 8 worlds fit on my 89 at the same time. Smile

VERY good job! Good Idea
Good thing I had a 89 previous to this =D
Congrats, Lachprog! This is a great but well-deserved honor.
Dang it! I don't have an 89... Sad
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