Not very interesting, I just thought I'd post the code for your amusement/benefaction:
This isn't really at all optimized either...

:Input "PROGRAM:",Str0
:Disp "","","","","","","
:I-(Str2="Else" or Str2="End->I
:If not(I:Then
:Disp Str9
:Disp sub("              ",1,I)+Str9
:I+(Str2="Then" or Str2="For(" or Str2="While" or Str2="Repeat" or Str2="Else->I
:Pause :End

So when you run this and enter program ABC, the output will be, say...

:While 1
 :Input "",N
 :N+randInt(-5...  [...,5)->O]
 :While N=O
  :N+randInt(-...  [...5,5)->O]
 :Disp O

Currently the main commands must be at the beginning of the line but that should be easy to fix.
Hmm, it's not really practical for use on a calculator, the number of characters you can fit on the homescreen, but it maybe to display it on the graphscreen? Possible DoorsCS extension, but I'm sure it would be almost impossible.
Where this would be very useful is in TI-BASIC editors on the computers, where you can fit much more information...
Well, I may put it to *practical* use:
Click Here.
Actually, something like that would be an interesting addition to the in-shell BASIC editor in Doors CS. I bet BrandonW would be able to toss support for that in with about 10 lines of hooks. Very Happy
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