I'm happy to announce that the website has been fully restored. Good news and bad news:

Bad News
:: 7/8ths of the forum posts are gone
:: News is back to early June
:: The 'Cemetech' forum skin is messed up

Good News
:: I can restore the news from TI-News.net
:: We can see what topics we need to resurrect
:: I can fix the skin
yay, Cemetech is back. w00t. all praise for joy
Yes, I am indeed quite happy about it. And having sent out the email, I hope all the members flock back here.
yes, let's hope so. Calling all members. How goes finishing the restoration?
Eh, pretty good. The posts are still missing, and the skins are messed up. I've mad esome progress with the news though.
ok, I'm getting an error trying to upload my avatar, something about permissions, I think? Can you check this out?

Edit: the errors are
Warning: copy(./images/avatars/84181448142dd61d634bf5.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php on line 239

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php:239) in /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/page_header.php on line 475

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php:239) in /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/page_header.php on line 477

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/usercp_avatar.php:239) in /home/designer/public_html/cemetech/forum/includes/page_header.php on line 478
Ah, sorry about that, should be fixed now. I needed to chmod it to 777.
It is great that the site is back up, though the traffic to my forum will die now... Oh well... Laughing
I'll keep coming, and I think others will stay, don't fell down trotted...
Thanks, I sure hope everyone comes back. Smile
yes, even the non-posters. Maybe I should send out an email from my board to remind people of my site, and to notify them of the move to php-nuke.
Err, I actually did, didn't you guys get it?
I got it, I was reffering to my site there, sorry for the confusion Kerm
Oh, OK, thanks, that would be greatly appreciated. Smile
so like, what happened?

and why didn't you have a database backup!?!?!?!? once a week you should backup your database, just download it to your comp or something
Well, at least he had some databases backed up...
now that u have access to the phpmyadmin u better get a back up every week
The database is from July 1, it is that many of the posts were not saved, for some weird reason.
And a lot of the topics are empty...including those that are older than one month...
yo! what happened 2 the site?
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