Got a USB Flash Drive with about 64MB free? Want the GIMP (it's like Photoshop, but free) on it? Follow these steps.

1. Download GTK+
2. Extract it to [usb]:/GTK
3. Download GIMP for Windows
4: Extract it tp [usb]:/GIMP
5: Go to [usb]:/GTK, delete the three uninstall files
6. Press [ctrl][a], [ctrl][x]
7. Go to the [usb]:/GIMP foldre
8. Press [ctrl][v]
9. Choose 'Yes To All'
10. Delete [usb]:/GTK
11. Go to [usb]:/GIMP/bin
12. Find gimp-2-2*.exe
13. Click once, [ctrl][c]
14. Go to your root [usb]:/
15. Go to Edit-->Paste Shortcut
16. Rename the shortcut GIMP
Where did you find this?
<compliment>i think he found it somewhere in the recesses of his abnormally smart brain...</compliment> Laughing
Thank you Wizard, you are indeed right. I came up with it myself. Smile
I may want ot do this, the GIMP rocks, that is how I made my new logo (check the sig). Didn't take long either.
Yeah, I love your logo. Hot. Very Happy
Hopefully people find this helpful...
$ apt-get install gimp

god bless debian Wink (who needs it on a USB drive anyway?)
I'm submitting this to

Edit: From digg comment, found
imo Photoshop CS2 is way better than gimp, but of course there are those who cant get photoshop
it probably is, but ppl like me don't have ne income...
Laughing Like me too. What did they say about it at digg?
Holy crap, it's on digg's front page with 231 diggs! (As I write this at least...) I mean, I found this thread because of this post on digg! Surprised
Hopefully it will get a mention in the diggnation podcast. Kevin Rose is my hero Razz

OMG, that's awesome!
sweet... go Kerm!
yeah, now, finish Brix Builder, I want to brag this to all my freinds at school when it starts up, having games they have never heard of.
yeah really... the fact that its 3d owns... if i made 3d games i probably would have more than 2k downloads on (you have to put ticalc and calcgames together to get more than 2k)
If I made games, I might have 1000 downloads, bu most of my programs are for math.
which is great, but most programmers make their own math programs... then again, most idiots love them... i actually sold 3 copies of my Casio software suite... which took up 10k of RAM (exactly half of what a Casio has), and did anything you could ever need in Geometry class...
I'm thinking about tracking down kids in the math class I had last year, and selling my programs to them, with witness testomonies to how good they are.
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