nice work... spambots are annoying... (the biggest advantage to AlexForum is that it's going to have some form of spambot protection... most likely GD lib based confirmations at random intervals...)
Banned all of them in record time. Very Happy --pr0n bot.
Banninated. Good Idea
Ive got a system worked out here for finding em
Well don't leave us in suspense...
is this a system that could be worked into a PHP script?

if so, you should see about getting it made into one...
no...its something a person has to do, but its not that hard....a once a week scan should be obvious...just look at everyone who has a website.

then look at the website address....if need more evidence, check out the website...

usernames such as [favorable_adjective][uncommon_name] (politetyrus...coolcolly) or [randomgarbage] (jkdf) and odd locations such as Syria are also tip offs.
What if you make a script that deletes and bans any one who does not post with in a month. Thats what always gets me, is people who join just to join but never get on and post, just delete them and ban them with in a month that they dont post, unless they do post.

nah...only ban if its a bot. just delette accounts that haven't been used by a month after registration
find a way to exploit the bots...
Well, like elfprince said, if its got strange usernames and such, and all they got is a website and maybe a location that have never posted then ban and delete them. Its just easier that way. And besides if you delete and ban users(wethar bots or users) that dont post at all then it will save 1)space on your site[not much] 2) You wont have a problem with them trying to register again and leave there username on your site(you'll know then that there a bot, but just to make sure you ban them too)
Umm, anyone else thinks its a terrible idea to ban people for not posting frequently??
I did'nt say FREQUENTLY I said never, and its gotta be like a while since they joined and that they never posted before or only posted like once.
then I would have taken a longer time getting to this site here when moved from IF. I posted once when I signed up, never did check it again, then one day all of a sudden, I get an email that the board was moving. Then I signed up again, posted two or three times, forgot about it, and then came back, and now look at me, I am quickly approaching 3000 posts.

Mod idea, how about an area on the screen that shows how many posts, words, and words per post you have. You can look at it at any time
KermMartian wrote:
Umm, anyone else thinks its a terrible idea to ban people for not posting frequently??
I think we should delete them if they signed up and never posted a single post for a few months. If they post at all, I agree that it is a terrible idea Good Idea
Well same with me, but I did'nt say that.
hmm, l dunno about the ban. Maybe just leave it be...
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