I've found some ways to get a TI-84 + to play music, I was just wondering if there is anything out there that would do the same for a TI-84 + CSE or TI-Nspire, or if there are any plans to do something like this, I've done it with a TI-84 + and I think it's the coolest thing in the world! Razz (even if it's just the MT3 thing with songs like Mario and stuff, i got it to work on the ti-84 + and that would still be really cool on the TI-84 + CSE) also, i looked into the TI-Nspire some more and found out that i would need to weld stuff onto the dock connector pins and that is a high risk operation that i am not willing to make
84+CSE example:

Nspire example:
Iambian wrote:

that's awesome, but i'm actually trying to put some of my music like to convert some music into files that can be read by my calculator, with the TI-84 + i used the truSound thing and that is pretty much spot on what I was trying to achieve...
Please edit your post rather than replying to yourself if it's less than 24 hours since your last post. We call that a double-post, and frown upon it. I definitely do plan to port mobileTunes 3 to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition at some point, although since I don't have the GUI elements from Doors CS to make it easier, I'll probably wait until after the introduction of the TI-84 Plus Color (if such a thing may exist) to see what changes will be necessary to support any new calculator.
that's awesome! I can't wait Razz
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