APotato wrote:
Alright, after almost a month of near-inactivity, I think I'm ready to begin this project again. Still in the planning phase.
Firstly, I would like a nice interface with maybe a small HUD. Any ideas?
You could first let the user choose the image, with left and right arrows overlaid, as well as a "Next" option over one or all of the F1-F5 buttons. You could then have them type in the text to put at the top and bottom of the image using Input, show them the result, and give them the option to keep or edit that result.
Next, I have a quick question, in the Token IDE image editor, which output do I select for saving to get a BGPic (80x60)?
"xLIBC 32-Color Picture (*.8xv)".
Thanks much Kerm Smile
I'm also thinking of a browsing type thing where they can look through memes that aren't their own. I think I wanted to add a bookmark option, any ideas for that?
I was thinking F1-F5 but I feel like movement with arrows is easier.
I think a Favorites option would be much appreciated. It would be as simple as setting the picture IDs into a list and then reading the names from the IDs in the Favorites list.
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