So here we are again.....
Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth.

Shortly after the creation of the world, the gods were largely in
disagreement about the role that mortals would play in their works.
Some of the gods detested mortals outright, or believed their
existence to be a mistake. This led to infighting, and eventually, a
great war that resulted in the destruction of the heavens itself.
Although the gods perished, the magic that fueled their life force did
not. Many mortals tried to obtain this power for themselves, which
caused several devastating conflicts in the mortal world. Out of all
the fighting, an order calling itself the Arcanians appeared. The
Arcanians built a great tower to seal away the gateway to the realm of
the gods in hopes of putting an end to the conflict plaguing their
world once and for all.

Several hundred years hence, the kingdoms of Asnoth and Ragnoth are
the only two major world powers left. With its steel, Asnoth bolstered
a great army, and with its ties to the Arcanians and their magic,
Ragnoth possessed a wealth of knowledge about the gods and their
legacy. Under the advisory of a figure known as the Shadow Lord,
Asnoth's ruler had grown suspicious of the people of Ragnoth due to
their Arcanian heritage, and worried they might one day use their
knowledge of magic to begin a conquest. The Shadow Lord convinced
Asnoth's ruler to initiate a preemptive strike against Ragnoth, and in
the ensuing war, the Kingdom of Ragnoth was completely decimated.

Maya's story takes place a few years later, with Ragnoth Village under
the occupation of Asnoth's forces. Her family having been killed in the
war, Maya was orphaned into Ragnoth's underground resistance faction,
and trained in combative arts from a very early age. Now grown up, Maya
is ready to begin her quest to infiltrate Asnoth's castle walls and
assassinate its ruler, as well as to take vengeance upon the Shadow Lord.
Along the way, Maya must recruit several allies whose lives have also
been impacted by the war, from losing loved ones to being displaced from
their homes.

This is a Black and white, Semi smooth scrolling fully featured RPG with an estimated 5 hours of game play. Side quests, optional supportive characters, And beautifully detailed Maps and dungeons. With that this game is not for the light of heart. Intending to deliver a challenging, With solid battle mechanics and a story that refuses to hold you hand, it is designed for true RPG fans.

Ok Enough box arty descriptions. This game is inspired by retro style Final Fantsasy games. It will have a similar battle system to that of FF2. Zera/Escheron is leading story developement. Iambian is leading the programming bandwagon, And me... well I am just making sure that things progress smoothly...Right...right?

So far we have a lot of mockups Curtory of Zera.

Title screen:

Map exploration and cutscenes:

Various menus:

Battle screens:

Programming wise we have a fully functional tilemapper + sprite support, with a pretty robust and easy to use hotspot system.

Code and documentation can be found here!

Hopefully this thread will be maintanied and sufficently crossposted with its home thread on Omnimaga
Sounds like this will be really cool! Those screenies are amazing!
As always, your versions of this long-running project look extremely impressive. I'm glad that you guys are exploring a simpler, hopefully easier-to-maintain codebase, and I hope you can convince Iambian not to write routines that can cover every possible case that any game ever might need. Wink
Nope he still does that but thats ok! Because there is still rhyme or reason to it. That being said the code is slightly more maintainable but we have a flow this time and a plan. Unlike previous iterations where he just kinda winged it. With that we are using a HG repo with everything so its a little easier to understand whats going on as well. Which is really nice.
Have some random monster data!

So first is the gremlin. A very basic enemy. I will leave the infomtion here for you all to decipher tho its pretty self explanitory


Gremlin                RANK 1     GP 00040     DROP: Potion          [ 16/256]

 —— PROPERTIES ——   —— RESISTANCES ——   —— COMMAND SEQUENCE ——     HP     32
 [ ] Fire               [ ] Fire             1.) Attack            MP     16
 [ ] Ice                [ ] Ice              2.) Attack
 [ ] Poison             [ ] Lightning        3.) Fire            ATT     12
 [ ] Sleep              [ ] Gravity          4.) Sleep           DEF      4
 [ ] Undead             [ ] Poison           5.) Attack          MAG      8
 [ ] Drain              [ ] Sleep            6.) Attack          AGI     16
 [ ] HP regen           [ ] KO               7.) Attack
 [ ] Double attack      [ ] Holy             8.) Attack        CRIT.  32/256

And here is a dragon a rather late game enemy Razz

Dragon                 RANK 4     GP 00900     DROP: Strength potion [ 16/256]

 —— PROPERTIES ——   —— RESISTANCES ——   —— COMMAND SEQUENCE ——      HP    600
 [ ] Fire               [O] Fire             1.) Breath             MP     0
 [ ] Ice                [X] Ice              2.) Attack
 [ ] Poison             [ ] Lightning        3.) Attack          ATT     60
 [ ] Sleep              [ ] Gravity          4.) Breath          DEF     30
 [ ] Undead             [O] Poison           5.) Attack          MAG     30
 [ ] Drain              [O] Sleep            6.) Attack          AGI     60
 [ ] HP regen           [O] KO               7.) Attack
 [O] Double attack      [ ] Holy             8.) Attack        CRIT.  64/256

yeah sorry not to much to post right now. But it is something
At least Ice and bolt magic seems to be elemental in this game, unlike in the original version of Mana Force where only Fire and X-Flare were. Razz

Anyway this seems pretty good to me. Also something I wonder is how long approximately it will take to level up when fighting equal strength enemies?

Also what is CRIT.?
Crit is a chance of a critical hit.

As for leveling up There is a rank based system similar to say FF2 where you can only level up so far against similar enemies. This is to keep balance/grinding sane Razz
Test/demonstration of: External save file loading (with debug save slot preloaded), main menu (base), saving, and reloading to ensure that save files stick and load properly.

Not shown: Choosing to load from a new game will dump you off at the game's starting point.
TODO: Either adding more menus, or put more work into NPCs and how to show their dialogue when you "talk" to them. After that, adding in cutscene support, since I want to tell a story, not have an overglorified tilemap demo.
Good job so far. I like how it looks like. Very true to Final Fantasy IV style Smile
This game looks awesome. Just two questions.
1. Does this work on the color version of the TI 84.
2. How did you make the sprites?
Currently the game does not run on the color calculator. Will it? Time will tell. It should run on the CSE almost no problem. The sprites were made by another community member. Sadly I have no idea what software he uses to originally make them. That being said all of the assets I deal with were made in CalcGs which is available on
Added a complete spriteset and put in dialog boxes. The following was the original test. Don't mind the debug info on the top-left.

Zera said that the text looked a bit cramped, and I was inclined to agree, though we haven't exactly changed the font yet to use the one specified in the project docs. Something about being unable to edit the font set as-is.
So what we did was changed the margins a bit for the textbox, increased line height by one pixel (to 7), and increased the amount of space a single space takes to 2px. Not shown was the menus I had to fix to cope with those changes, since these were global. Results appear much better:

Todo: Real NPCs and logic. And getting the whole village to say stuff.
Looks awesome!

Smash the pots!!!
I like the map layout and the text boxes. Smile I think the text and box sizes is fine.
I like the walking animations. I was wondering about those from previous screenshots Razz
Sadly those walking animations are also kinda beta. They are hacked in but they are not "proper", for you guys tho that doesnt' really mean anything it will look the same when the project is done the actual animation frames are the same and so is the implementation. I just know they are hacked in atm.....
NPC chat logic (and position-aware box drawing for chatting) is now supported, along with scriptable events for it. "Treasure chest" logic is now usable, though it's implemented as hotspots so just about any square that you can talk to can contain a treasure. This is demonstrated by the ability to obtain gold and items. A very early version of an inventory menu is also demonstrated. Not shown is that it can scroll but it doesn't yet allow interacting with the items. Also sped up warp points that don't require a map reload by not reloading the map (and all that it implies, unless forced to via script).

TODO: Make the rest of the menus usable. Also. Shops.
Cool update! Smile
Looks very nice indeed, especially for monochrome graphics.

Question: How will random battle encountering be like? I have First Fantasy set to require between 30 and 80 steps before you encounter an enemy, while Reuben had it set to 10-30 and most of my older games 10-50. But I saw calculator games where it was pretty much a 20% chance every step, meaning that you could run into enemies every step from time to time. So I was wondering.

Also this is my 2000th Cemetech post it seems Razz
Direct from the design documentation for you:

The average number of steps before a battle should occur is indicated to the
side of each map. There are two types of encounter rates: Moderate and Heavy

  Moderate: An average of 6 - 20 minimum / maximum steps
     Heavy: An average of 4 - 11 minimum / maximum steps

So yeah it varies and will also be balanced to suit later on when it hits beta
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