you failed because of the uncorrected code apparently as when i typed what it sayed and it failed, and it does i know but to turn it into a gamne you need to take some out then let them add them back in, then checking it again so that is the checking i plan to do in the added program elements
I didn't make a full game, just a generator. And dude, the fault was with SC2, not the program itself. I didn't type it in by hand.
What does the deltalist command do?

Also it probably is possible to randomly remove about 2-3 characters and then turn a solver into a program to work backwords after that...
i know, and i was going to make a full game from it unless you do not want that
Harq: deltalist takes a list of N elements, then creates a list of N-1 elements of which each Xth element contains the difference between the first list's Xth and X+1th element.
So basically if the input was say


The output would be


Is this correct?
it works and works Kerm but it never finishes, please help, it is your code but it is not working in like even 10 minutes for me
LOL i have left mine on for atleast 40 minutes and it still is working and working... you code does not quite work all the time, Kerm Surprised

I just turned it off and looked at the matrix that it made, it was about 1/3 - 1/2 all zeroes, even though it had been working so long (it said it was on row 8 and column 7)
i made a working game based on the code, but Kerm forgot the 1-9 in a three by three square rule, i have not fixed that, if anybody wants i can post code soon. one other problem is that it is a somewhat patterned sudoku do to my way of generating random numbers.
Huh, this is why I shouldn't write ten-minute programs without sufficiently testing them. Smile I'll work on a better algorithm
ok then i might weork on one to, it might be a big long algorithem though
Fair enough. I'm thinking of making it create 9 3x3 squares, then checking them and combining them simultaneously.
cool, that should work
That's what I think too. What's your plan?
brute force overnight, make 2 sudokus at a time, though i admit it is unefficiant, i might make it work better later
Brute force? Ugh. Sad I want to make mine as efficient and intelligent as possible, even if it makes it larger.
i know but i am not to expirianced with algorithems for number games, so i will start as brute force then change it as much as possible to a speed optimised program
That may work. I say good luck to you.
Anyway, we should get this contest underway. Who wants to lead it, or should I?
i could help judge things on a TI84+SE, or maybe even collect them by email, or other help. tell me if you need any help.
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