I am opening this topic so that everyone can say good stuff about cemetech.
I will say that this is THE BEST SITE on the planet (not just on the planet, but in the whole cosmos!).

I can say this is a quality website, but the best in the cosmos? Certainly not, that honor goes to techzord.enajsdiejf! The only best website for programming Alie-er-specialized human destroyer-uh-calculators! Not like I'd know anything about that Rolling Eyes
There is no better place online than cemetech!
Also, tell me if you like my new signature. I am sure that Kerm will be quite amused by it, but i dont know about you!
CalcMax wrote:
I will say that this is THE BEST SITE on the planet (not just on the planet, but in the whole cosmos!).

I'm sure I speak for all of the administrators when I say that we're glad you think so! We strive to be one of the best sites appropriate to our vision and focus but it's certainly a challenge when there are other equally wonderful communities, including us, striving for the same title! Wink

Is there anything that you like that's particular to Cemetech? If you have any suggestions to make the site even better feel free to post in the Suggestions topic or send me a PM!
I particularly like that at least one of the administrators is online pretty much 24/7, and that the "customer service", if you will, is outstanding.

Oh, and hey, I haven't been on in a while. I've finished some games and stuff that I'll be uploading in the upcoming months.
Cemetech has helped me make my calculator experience better. I am also working on some stuff to share on here (thus my new signature). I cant say everything in one post. My favorite cemetech members are KermMartian (aka ''DCS guy''), MateoConLechuga an elfprince13. I hope everyone thinks i am the best person here! Smile TI-84+ SE
Cemetech is great for me as it certainly helped expedite my love for all things programming and also encouraged me to dabble in the arcane circuitry arts.

The friendliness, welcoming, and community of Cenetech has been paramount to my growth as a Comp Sci student, especially since I was here pretty much my entire high school career. A huge life and game changer even if we are a relatively small community. And I know this is a cliche in many essays and such, but I seriously doubt I would be where I am now in terms of college and my direction in life if it wasn't for Cemetech's presence this last half-decade or so.


tl;dr: It's lit
I'd heap accolades towards Kerm. While Christopher is mostly adept at administration, everyone else who "runs" the site is mostly useless.
Without Kerm life would be crap.
Pretty sure my favourite cemetech member is myself ^ω^

...Hopelessly desperate attempts to inflate my own ego aside, Cemetech is definitely an interesting place to lurk around, even if my own activities towards programming have dropped off over time (Okay, only kinda. I did a thing with Python a couple days back, although it's one of the biggest messes, code-wise, that I've seen in a while)

Either way, there's always some fun-looking project, and the people are pretty fun, largely.
Cemetech is a good site, it was of great assistance and enjoyment to me for years.

However, a topic made just for the purpose of saying good things about Cemetech is very unnecessary and a little weird.
quiet, caleb. Do not insult the topic.
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