I am now on build 59 of my game and soon the alpha stage will begin. In the meantime, I will try to find a file sharing website so you guys can test it out and let me know what you think. I hope all my hard work is paid off!

Transcribed by administrator from topic:
Hey guys, its me again. Smile The game I'm making; UrChoice: Prank Day will be made for TI-83+ family and TI-84+ family TI-84+ SE family. This is because one, the file needs to be compatible with TI-83+ since I only have that one and there's no point of making a game you can't even play.Laughing Two, apparently nobody gets games for TI-83+ anymore Confused Rolling Eyes . Idea I'm also going to make Prank Day a part of a series called UrChoice. In this series the games will focus on the concept of being able to make your own choices and see the outcome. So the reason while I'm making these games is so that one day I can either go work at Microsoft or have my own team and create technology to help better serve the world. Of course, at the same time I still want to make video games since I've always wanted to! While I'm still a teen I need to get some experience with technology so I don't lose the skill. I would also like to get a team together so I can have some support. Thank you in advanced for helping me out in my journey towards my dream. Smile

Even if you don't want to join my team, you can help me out by testing out what I have so far. (Link at bottom)

Most emulators will ask you where you want to save your screenshots. If you make your game for the TI-83 Plus in TI-BASIC, the calculator of which you've used the picture, then anyone with a TI-83 Plus/Silver Edition or TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition will be able to run it.
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