I know some of you that are playing on the Cemetech server intend on doing some/more recording for the 1.9 server. So we want to set up a thread here on the forums where you can post the latest video up for all to see, in case certain people aren't subscribed to you.

Most of my Minecraft related things for Cemetech will be in one playlist, which can be found here. I will make posts up regarding specific videos as I add new ones.

So please, feel free to share playlists or single videos of things you're making or have made on the Cemetech-MC server below!

Make sure when you upload your video, you tag it as Cemetech-MC, so it will show up in the search results!
I made the following video about a month and a half ago when our Minecraft 1.9 spawn was much less far along. I need to make a follow-up video soon.

I've posted the following videos up to my account:

Did a video checking out and documenting the awesome things Marudok built on 1.8 Smile They may not be finished, but they are fantastic works of art none the less!

These two videos covers the approximate 2 hours we played, minus about an hour's worth of work at the end working on the zombie spawner/xp grinder. I'll do a quick overview of that with the next video before going back to playing. Smile
Nice work, tifreak8x! I'll have to watch those in full when I have a chance. I published my own videos from our soft launch in two parts, each cut and edited from the original content to remove the least exciting parts.

Here's part 1:

Edit: And here's part 2:
Update video showing off a few of the things users have built on the server:

I made a video about how I moved my Elder Guardians to underneath my base. Enjoy!

Update video, showing off all the projects that I've made since the last vid:

I realize I need to record more often.
After sifting through hours of footage, my video from the first day is finally up! Enjoy (:

My PoV from our abba caving match!

I too made an Abba Caving video, cut down from the full 45-ish minute length of playing Abba Caving and tallying up the results to about a half hour:

*bump* A Let's Play-style video of drying my ocean monument (and future skyscraper)'s 80x80-meter area, including showing how a MOSES machine is built and used.

*bump* How to build a combined Guardian + Iron Golem + Squid farm in Minecraft 1.9:
*bump* Wow, it has been just about a month since my previous video! Two and a half weeks ago, tifreak8x stayed up on Skype while I worked on one of my four ocean retaining walls in the basement of my skyscraper. Here's the Let's Play!

Posted up an update video of my town and some of my cool builds:

Hopefully some of what I've done inspires others, or at least impresses with how I've done certain things.

Let me know what you think of the current state of my builds Very Happy

Did some things, showed some things off. Nothing super special going on here. Very Happy

Recorded for an hour my attempts at building an overworld magma cube farm. I failed at first, when I didn't realize the magma cubes don't float, but did get it functional, in the end. 1hr 12min long. Enjoy! Or don't. :p
At tifreak8x's prompting, I put together a 15-minute video showing the progress on my skyscraper over the last couple of months, including slime and mob farms, a floor, a Guardian farm item sorter, the superstructure, and farms.

Posted up an update for my projects on the server, completed Enderman farm of awesome, with the help in decorating by LittleMoonBeam! Very Happy
I was hoping for an awesome video from Elemental or tifreak8x of when we opened the End on the Cemetech Minecraft Server. Unfortunately, Elemental's footage came out unusable, and tifreak8x's was shorter than he wanted, so he and I did some triage to give you a taste of what happened when we first opened the End on July 16th. Enjoy!

Last night, I had the privilege of exploring the Glacier biome and defeating a Glacier Cavern structure with their creator, Elemental. Watch us enjoy the experience in my latest Let's Play video:
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