Update: all of the bugs reported above should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting them.
Jwinslow23 wrote:
Also, Calcium is a hard element to see. It looks entirely white. It looks almost exactly like the white atoms that duplicate your atoms. Can this be tweaked?
Also, the calcium atom is a bit darker now so you can read the text and can't confuse it with a neutrino atom.
Necro post:
Bug: I've just updated to CE OS 5.3 and it must've broken something, or this has been happening the whole time and I'm just crazy. Previously, when ever I would get a new high score, I'd just click [Clear] to save the score then re-enter the game. Now, however, the atoms don't seem to be saving reliably like they did before. Now when I click [clear] and it brings me to the game's homepage and it shows the correct high scoring element on the game mode. But when I completely quit the game, then go back into it, sometimes it loads an older save and I lose some of my progress.

Suggestion: When I click [clear] and go back to the game's home screen then re-enter the game mode, the element that is about to be placed changes. This allows me to just repeatedly click [clear] and re-enter the game until I get the atom I want to place.

Other than that, nice game! [10/10] Smile
Not sure if I broke it, or won the game...
Either way, it still froze my calculator.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Not sure if I broke it, or won the game...
Either way, it still froze my calculator.

It looks like when you started playing, it forgot to lay all of the other atoms down. And forgot to give you a new atom.

At least, that's what I think.
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