<Iambian> Oh. I'm all over the place
<Geekboy1011> lol
<Geekboy1011> Having fun then i see
<Iambian> The contest entry thing is going to be (1) A jeep driven by a loon, avoiding obstacles to get a package from start to finish. (2) A speedboat navigated by a loon, getting a package from point A to point B and (3) An airplane, piloted by a loon, getting a package from point A to point B.
<Iambian> Two of the three are redundant, but it's about transportation, and I want a theme going
<Geekboy1011> lol
<Iambian> Now...
<Iambian> back to the dream thing.

Once I stop being so distracted by such things as imgur and RotMG, maybe something will get done. So far, I copied the template and started drawing the jeep sprite... and that's it so far.

The target platform is the TI-84 Plus CE and the programming language of choice is C

EDIT 1: Download link for Land Loons
EDIT 2: Download link for 20,000 Loons Under the Sea
EDIT 3: Download link for Loonar Landers

Contest is over. In summary:
* LAND: Went as planned if not to vision.
* WATER: Originally planned speedboats, got submarines instead.
* AIR: Forgot airplane, wanted dragons and balloons. Couldn't make it work. Went to space.
* SPACE: Lunar Lander lookalike. Was backup idea.
Two days and this is what I have so far. Two more days left to submit something for the land part of the contest. I hope this sort of game qualifies.

Loon in a jeep driving across the desert dunes.
In its natural habitat, the elusive loonjeep jumps like a kangaroo.

* Add obstacles, collision, scoring system, level start, end conditions, and feathers.
* Title screen
This is awesome! Good job!
This is pretty much it. MateoC wanted me to do day/night cycles but the deadline is just far too close for me to add that in. Everything else about the entry is done, though. It's a bit simple. Could use a bit more polish but here we go.

Simple title screen, followed by a loon-driven jeep carrying
a package across a desert minefield. There are cacti.
There's also an explosion

It's past the deadline for the land entry but I still wanted to give Land Loons a bit of love. So I took MateoC's suggestion to heart and added day/night cycles. While I was there, I improved performance by removing an unnecessary call to fill the screen a certain color.
The logic for this day/night is implemented using inline assembly. It just felt more natural that way.

The loonjeep keeps on delivering, day or night.
In the actual game, solar cycles will be much slower than this.
The difficulty will also be tweaked a bit.


Now that I got that out of the way, it's time to plan the water entry. That plan involves a submarine with a loon stuffed inside it, package delivery, and some far more aggressive obstacles. Obstacles which could necessitate a hyperspace arsenal stuffed to the brim with torpedoes. I plan on water! Feathers! Steel! Explosions! Drama!Excessive hype!

I plan to call it: 20,000 Loons Under the Sea
Which will have little, if anything, to do with the book and everything to do with how many loons you might go through to complete the game
This looks really good, man. Very Happy
Yay! Cacti! Razz
Very nicely done Iambian Smile Are land mines always aligned to cacti though? It seems like that might make it a little easier Wink
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Very nicely done Iambian Smile Are land mines always aligned to cacti though? It seems like that might make it a little easier Wink

The landmines are indeed aligned to the cacti but only because of a quirk in how they're generated. Mines and cacti use the same random number to calculate the chance of each being generated and it so happens that almost every time a mine is generated, a cactus will also be generated. If it's a problem aesthetically, I can fix that by repicking a random number prior to using it for cactus generation. The reason why there may be more cacti than landmines is because cacti generation isn't limited by minimum intervals like landmines are (which prevents formations of mines that are impossible to jump over).


Some progress has been made with 20K Loons Under the Sea (20K LUtS). Not as much progress as I'd like but it's getting there. Eventually.

A loon inside a submarine circling around, showing off physics of some sort.
There's also numbers and letters up top for debugging purposes.
Yes, I'm aware that there's a library for this purpose. No I'm not going to use them; the rendering routine was already conveniently available for copy/paste

* Bullets bullets bullets torpedoes explosives
* Enemies and their bullets torpedoes explosives, along with movement scripts
* Stages
* And maybe shops at the package checkpoints
* Speaking of package checkpoints. Package checkpoints. Gotta have those.
* Moving backgrounds
* And Yet Another Cheap Title Screen
That looks really nice!!! I am making a very similar game with a submarine but it is an endless runner like JetPack JoyRide. Though mine will be in html5, I'm thinking about porting it to a TI-84 Plus CE... Well, good luck because so far, you have my vote for the sea entries Very Happy
Development is going great and I'm learning more about C as I code these contest entries. In implementing the game's bullet creation/render/movement routines, I finally discovered the magic that is the "->" operator. In implementing enemies, I found out how to store and use function pointers as well as writing a struct just right so I can have said function pointer accept a pointer to its own type as an argument. Ah the woes of having to stick with the C89 standard

So here's what I accomplished so far:

* Player shooting
* Player bullets vs enemies collision
* Explosions!

Shooting torpedoes with effects, exploding munitions, and exploding enemies

* Making enemies dangerous.
* Almost everything from before, now that I look at it.
That looks absolutely astounding! Keep up the good work!
Looking good!!! Can't wait to see the final outcome! I really want to see how your air entry will turn out Very Happy.
Sad news time. The project is incomplete. I hope enough of it is done to be enjoyable but here's a listing of...

What did make it:
* All 8 stages, if poorly done due to rushing
* Two weapon types
* An additional enemy behavior
* Stage begin and end sequence
* A shop
* A title screen
* Now you don't have to die to quit the game.

What didn't make it:
* Carefully planned stages.
* Two additional weapon types (piercing beam weapons)
* More complex enemy behaviors
* Additional shot types
* A way to tell which stage you are on
* Graphical frills for the shop
* A nice background for the sea/stages
* The story involving what exactly your loon is delivering
* Extensive play/bug testing.
* Balancing through extended play

Many apologies for the rushed program. I'll upload what I have to the archives some time "tomorrow", and post a screenshot of what was done.
More sad news. Seems the email for the submission got lost somewhere between Gmail and Cemetech so what I have most likely won't qualify. I suppose the takeaway here is to never submit something time-sensitive within 30 minutes of the deadline. Or find something better than Gmail (any suggestions?).

I still uploaded it and (pending acceptance) should be available for anyone to play.

Long image description: Title screen with three options. New Game was selected and the loonsub departs from the first outpost. Many enemy mines and subs impede the way, the latter shooting back. The loonsub arrives at the next outpost where you can buy upgrades from a shop using the money you got from blowing up your enemies. Quitting kicks you back to the title screen where you can continue from the stage you quit or start a new game

I should also mention that the game doesn't save your progress when you quit. It ought to have but I ran out of time. So many things needed to be done and fair chunk of it was spent trying to figure out why the stages wouldn't reset properly. The debugging tools are nice though. I only had to spend an hour trying to figure it out.


Now the air part of the contest. I'm thinking "Hot Air 'Loons" for some reason. Gotta review what I originally thought I should do.
Wow looks awesome! Shame about the deadline Sad.
Seems the water entry made it in. Yay.
My idea for Hot Air 'Loons fell through because I couldn't figure out how to make a hot air balloon, a dragon, and a loon work without resorting to writing a poorly-designed and slow-mo remake of Flappy Bird. Creativity fail on my part. Apologies.

What I did do was get my backup idea up and running by substituting my failure of an air entry with a quickly-programmed space entry. I call this slapdash effort Loonar Lander and I hope you know what game I'm unimaginatively trying to copy. I also hope you enjoy it when it posts to the archives.

A lander stuffed with loon. It descends upon a marked landing pad with carefully-timed firings from the thrusters. It lands once but when the loon tries again, it got a bit careless and suffers an explosion

Here's a link to a small album showing the rather short development process.

* High score is not preserved after program exit. Sorry.
* Score is calculated by adding leftover fuel at the end of each stage to the current score.
* Every five levels, the landing pad (should) shrinks by 1 pixel down to a minimum of 38. It starts at 50.
The best part of your entries, and what makes them so awesome to me, is the theme, the graphics, the explosions, and the overall design of the games, and I really, really like it.
Do you plan to update 20,000 loons under the sea? I've started playing this a little more and I had no idea you included a store! Unfortunately, the last two options aren't yet implemented (to my knowledge) and there's no save function yet. But an update including these features would be great!

Also, congrats on winning the overall competition!
Your explosion graphics are incredible! How many different sprites do you use in the explosion for Looner Lander?
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