Just eyecandy for now.

what is this supposed to be of?
If you take a look at those little timestamps on the bottom of the images, that's completely dynamic via php. Smile You shall see what I plan to do with it...
Sweet! Diagonal tetris!!! 0x5

I'm clueless...
I guess, we shall see I guess (looked different earlier).
It seems to be a map of some sort...
An image resizer? Perhaps this is going to be some sort of map for a game that can zoom in and out? Confused
lol, i am really trying to figure out what this is for. Kerm, you really need to explain this! Confused
I'm sure the vagueness was intended. Kerm likes to keep us guessing. Very Happy
It probablt zooming or something like that (after all, MultipliCity v0.0.1 Alpha [06/26/06]), or it could be a game of some sort, with that being the map that he has designed.
Oooohhhh. I bet it's a map of M$ headquarters. It gets bigger as M$ stock goes up, and smaller as stock goes down!!!
lol, that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard! Laughing
The map is growing! I completely rewrote the rendering code to allow up to 4 billion tiles in the game:

First person to figure out how that renderer works and where it actually is gets a prize.
It's just grabbing the map they're working on in Blockland and rendering it at different zoom levels. I'd imagine that he's going to make a PHP script that will allow us to view the progress.

@4 billion tiles:So you made it an unsigned long instead of short?
Nope, it's nothing to do with blockland. Lemme just get a few more buildable objects in place, and I'll post a link to the actual game alpha page.
Replace "Blockland" with the project, and I'm pretty sure I'm close.

Goodies: http://cemetech.net/projects/multiplicity/map/ <x_coordinate> / <y_coordinate> / <zoom> /map1.png
Eeeexactly. And now for the moment you've all been waiting for:

To build, click a diamond, then choose an item from the inventory.
kind of slow, but interesting
rivereye wrote:
kind of slow, but interesting
I'm working on making the refresh rate much faster.
I figuered as much, just saying (also, didn't want a one word post).
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