Ah, ok. Now I added zoom controls; go check it out! The navigate arrows work properly now, as well.
The zoom feature might need a little work. Here's a before picture, and an after pressing the zoom picture.


After pressing zoom:

Something tells me the zoom should look different than that.
Part of the map is getting cut off on the bottom-right. I suspect that map.php isn't properly getting parameters from the database...
I think that keeping the center pixel in the center would fix that rather than just changing the zoom. It looks like it keeps the same upper left coordinate when zooming and not zooming towards the center.
Correct, that's how it works at the moment. Fair enough, I'll make it recenter when it zooms.
Oh, I expected it to keep the center pixel and that it was doing something very wrong. Now the other zooms make sense. Still, I vote for center-pixel-keeping-zoom.
It shall be done. Right now I'm working on dealing with tiles that are taller than 32 pixels, eg tall buildings.
my guess is that it will be a collaborative online city building project Razz
elfprince13 wrote:
my guess is that it will be a collaborative online city building project Razz
You're very close. Technically, it will be a MMOSG. I'm adding more structures, so go check out

massive multiplayer online simulatr game?

and Im assuming this will require a Cemetech account?

[edit] the buildings get their bottoms clipped off by other tiles when you zoom in


will you ajax it so the refresh time doesn't interfere with the game?
elfy: the only nonajax thing there is the imagemap getting refreshed. I'm working on fixing that up. And yes, I noticed the building clip problem. Smile

I think I'm going to make it linked to the Cemetech user system eventually, but while I'm messing around with the map and adding objects, feel free to play with it.
*gasp*! V 0.0.2 alpha now! up a whole 0.0.1! Just Joking . Its kinda cool, but the refresh rate *is* slow.
Thanks. As I said, I'm working on it. Smile
I feel DCS6 getting farther and farther away... Oh well, it's a cool project.
foamy3 wrote:
I feel DCS6 getting farther and farther away... Oh well, it's a cool project.
Actually not, I've been making halting progress on some of the interactive text routines of late. Smile
Dude, you should use the Google Maps API instead of that half-asked, cobbled-together, raggedy-a joke of an AJAX application. (And yes, it's VERY cool.) Wink
Ouch, burn. Very Happy Thanks, I'm really liking how it's coming along. All interested are welcome to make additional pixelarty buildings that I may or may not use. If they're good, I'll use them. Smile Current 3D is orthogonal 90/60/120 degree.
hehehe, the B&O has come to town.

Would it be feasible to incorporate the Google Maps API, or is that just crazy talk? Confused
My masterpiece is complete. Now I will retire from Multiplicity for a while. We will see how long the mammoth lasts Laughing

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