Shock I'm just gonna let you guys sort that out; eventually I'm going to make the build inventory be hardcoded more than it is now, so that should solve dynamic formatting issues.
elfprince13 wrote:
foamy3 wrote:
elfprince13 wrote:
your formatting is screwed opera all the building options spread out in a single line.

also, can you make corner pieces for the bridge?

That's odd. It is on two lines for me in opera. I never use opera, though.

the first line isn't buildings Wink also Im in Opera 9, and a lot of people are still on Opera 8. have you upgraded yet?

No, 8.51. I'm too addicted to ff to bother upgrading it Razz
I deleted FF from my desktop =D, and now I do have the new Opera.
I upgraded about a week after Opera told me it was out. I still use FF as my main browser though.
The thing that frustrates me about FF, even though I'm a staunch supporter, is how badly it eats RAM for several tabs with a few pages of history each.
Huh, people have been really adding a lot to the map.
KermMartian wrote:
Huh, people have been really adding a lot to the map.

but they haven't really been building anything...
Chipmaster wrote:
My masterpiece is complete. Now I will retire from Multiplicity for a while. We will see how long the mammoth lasts 0x5

Looks like it's still standing. Very Happy Come on everyone, make something big or at least vandalize my creation. Rolling Eyes
What people _have_ been doing though is running populate.php to build the map. Either that, or spider bots keep hitting it.

Warning: Division by zero in /home/cemetech/public_html/multiplicity/iframe.php on line 74
alex10819 wrote:

Warning: Division by zero in /home/cemetech/public_html/multiplicity/iframe.php on line 74
You're not suppsoed to go to that - you're supposed to go to
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